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CAAS Audio Elysian monoblock power amplifiers,

caas audio elysian e100 mono power amplifier

World class monoblocks, all the way from Yorkshire

British designed and made hi-fi,
caas audio at the little audio company,

The compact Elysian E100 mono power amplifier provides its first 20w in pure Class A, but continue to 100w in Class AB, doubling to 200w into a 4ohm load.

The E100 monoblock is DC coupled from input to output - there are no capacitors in the signal path. It provides a linear phase response with zero global or local feedback, along with very low distortion levels. Dual transformers provide near perfect circuit isolation.

back panel of the CAAS Audio E100 monoblock amp,

Rear connections provide unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs, and one pair of loudspeaker terminals for bare wire, banana plug, or spade plugs.

"CAAS Link" allows the monoblocks to be switched in and out of standby via the pre-amplifier.

The Elysian E100 monoblocks exhibit a very natural, effortless sound that in no way sounds forced or mechanical - they just produce music. Partnering with suitable loudspeakers isn't a hard task, but they'll certainly make the most of anything you care to pair with them.

British made CAAS Audio components are distributed un the UK via Auden Distribution, available through a small number of specialist retailers - the little audio company is proud to be one of those retailers.

CAAS Audio Elysian E100 monoblock power amplifiers,
  • 100wpc into 8ohms

  • 200wpc into 4ohms

  • 0.8Hz-300kHz frequency response

  • silver or black anodised front panel

  • W 260mm x H 140mm x D 340mm

  • £5000 / each

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