cornered audio loudspeakers

Cornered Audio loudspeakers are designed to be as discreet as possible, without the need for going in-wall. Being triangular, they fit snugly into corners or up against ceilings, and can be painted to blend in with any decor. They're ideal for sound systems in bars and restaurants as well as home cinema installations.

Being of a triangular cross section with curved front baffle, this also allows them to be placed side by side, making ideal alternative rear centre speaker arrays, as well as making them of use away from corners.

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Cornered Audio loudspeakers,

The matching speaker cable is also designed to run into corners where it can be easily papered or painted over. This runs up the back and through te speaker cabinet to binding posts hidden at the front for easily installation or removal. 

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cornered audio ci2


The new "babies" of the Cornered Audio C Series, the Ci2. At 185mm high, 135mm wide, and only 85mm deep, these compact speakers can be used literally anywhere. 


Utilising a 2.5" mid/bass driver and a 0.75" dome tweeter, they're ideal for effects speakers in home theatree systems and background music for bars and restaurants.

Available in black or white.


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cornered audio ci4


The Ci4 is much taller in comparison to the Ci2, but packs a greater punch. With a 1" dome tweeter, 4" mid/bass unit, as well as a 4" passive radiator, the Ci4 is more efficient and capable of far greater output, making it ideal for more than just an effects speaker for home theatre.

The Ci4 retains the easy 8ohm loading, making them compatible with the lower outputs of more budget AV receivers.


Available in black or white.



Cornered Audio Ci4 loudspeaker,

cornered audio ci5


Only marginally taller than the Ci4 at 450mm, they use the size of driver you expect to find in a large bookshelf speakers - a 1" dome tweeter, a 5.25" mid/bass driver, and a 5.25" passive radiator.


Again, improved sensitivity and greater power handling amke them ideal for virtually any situation.


Available in black or white.


Cornered Audio Ci5 loudspeaker,