emotiva basx a-700 7-channel power amp

Emotiva's BasX multi-channel power amplifier range provides a wealth of power and flexibility for budget conscious home theatre enthusiasts, in the form of 2, 5, and 7 channel power amplifiers, as well as modular ones which can grow with your system.


The BasX range - the A-700 in particular - make great companions for the MC-700 processor. An MC-700 and A-700 pairing provides a 7.1 pre/power surround system for little over £1700.

Emotiva A-700 home theatre power amplifier, the little audio company,

high power output

The A-700 provides a continuous output of 80 watts per channel of Class A/B amplification into each one of its seven channels at any time. And all for a fraction of the cost of some of the "big name" amplifier manufacturers.

If only being used in stereo mode, 110 watts per channel is achievable, rising to 210wpc into a 4ohm load.

The A-700 is protected against virtually any type of issue including overheating, to shorted speaker connections, ground faults, among others. 

internal view of the Emotiva A-700 power amplifier, the little audio company,
emotiva at the little audio company,

The back panel of the A-700 is very simple and easy to understand. Connect up your speaker cables and interconnects from your processor or AV receiver and away you go.

rear panel of the Emotiva A-700 home theatre power amplifier, the little audio company,

emotiva A-700 7-channel home theatre power amplifier

The A-700 7-channel power amplifier should be on any home theatre enthusiast's shortlist looking for a high quality, high power 7-channel power amplifier without spending 4 figures and beyond - a section of the market that even Rotel can no longer compete. This makes the A-700 extraordinarily good value for money.


Emotiva A-700 7-channel power amplifier, the little audio company,