emotiva mc-700 home theatre processor

Emotiva's MC-700 is a budget conscious 7.2 pre-amplifier / processor which is ideal for budget and mid priced surround systems. Its level of sound quality for its price also ensures high sound quality with music as well as movies, and could be seen as the modern equivalent of the now defunct Audiolab 8000A and 8200AP processors. Its strengths lie in its simplicity and ease of use, and because of this, the sound quality it provides.

Other than the volume control and power button, the extremely sparse and clean looking front fascia sports a very small number of buttons provide menu navigation. 

Emotiva MC-700 remote control,
Emotiva MC-700 home theatre processor,
emotiva at the little audio company,

emo-q room equalisation

With the supplied microphone, Emotiva's Emo-Q system measures the performance of your system in your room and adjusts its output to suit your speakers, ensuring high performance, regardless of your room layout or acoustics.


There are eleven parametric EQ settings for each channel, all user configurable. The MC-700 can store three different EQ settings, each of which can can independently assigned to each input.

Emotiva MC700 with supplied microphone, Emotiva Emo-Q,
4K UltraHD pass through,

The back panel of the MC-700 is a simple affair, providing the very basics a good home theatre systems needs. All HDMI inputs and outputs are fully HDCP2.2/3D/4K/HDR/DV compliant, and all HDMI sources are passed through untouched with zero processing.

  • 6x HDMI inputs/4K

  • 2x HDMI outputs/4K

  • 2x pairs of analogue RCA inputs

  • 7x analogue RCA outputs

  • 1x analogue RCA subwoofer output

  • 1x balanced XLR subwoofer output

  • 1x optical digital input

  • 1x coaxial digital input

  • 1x USB for Bluetooth playback

  • 1x 12v trigger outputs

  • 1x IR input

  • 1x IR output

HDR compatible,
Dolby Vision compatible,
dts X decoding,
rear panel of the Emotiva MC-700 home theatre processor,

emotiva mc-700 home theatre processor

Coupled with the five-channel Emotiva A500 for a 5.1 home cinema system represents great value for money as a genuine high quality home theatre pre/power combination for well under £2000.

Even adding the seven-channel Emotiva A700 for a 7.1 home cinema system still only comes in at less than £2000. Extraordinary value for money.


Emotiva MC700 shown with the A500 power amplifier,