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exposure 3510 pre-amplifier

exposure 3510 pre-amplifier,
exposure at the little audio company,

The Exposure 3510 is a simple, analogue only pre-amplifier, ideal for those who prefer to use analogue devices, or digital devices that already have a high quality analogue output.


As such, the front panel is very simple, with power button, input select, and volume control, and a small IR window to receive remote control demands from the supplied remote control.

The 3510 does provide the option of a DAC board though, which adds a USB input and a coaxial digital input via a locking BNC socket. The DAC is capable of decoding PCM up to 24bit 192kHz, and DSD64.

Exposure 3510 pre-amplifier in titanium,
rear panel of the Exposure 3510 pre-amplifier,

The Exposure 3510 pre-amplifier provides five analogue inputs, with the option of converting one to a high quality phono stage by adding optional Moving Magnet or Moving Coil phono board. A tape loop provides a sixth input for a recording device.

An optional USB digital input and BNC coaxial digital input can be added for digital sources (not shown).

Two pairs of pre-outputs allow the option of adding external amplification, and the dual speaker outputs make the 3510 fully bi-wire/bi-amp compatible, as well as able to run four monoblock amplifiers.

Exposure 3510 pre-amplifier shown in black,
  • 5x analogue RCA inputs

  • 2x analogue RCA pre-outputs

  • 1x tape loop

  • optional MM / MC board £340

  • optional DAC board £480

  • H 90mm x W 440mm x D 300mm

  • available in black or titanium

  • 3 year warranty

  • £1700

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