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exposure 3510 stereo power amplifier

Exposure 3510 stereo power amplifier,
exposure at the little audio company,

The powerful Exposure 3510 stereo power amplifier is an ideal addition to the 3510 integrated amplifier to provide a bi-amping solution for bi-wireable loudspeakers. 

A large bespoke toroidal transformer allows an extended and very clean bass performance, and the ability to easily drive difficult speaker loads.

Exposure 3510 power amplifier shown in titanium,

The back panel of the Exposure 3510 stereo power amplifier is very simple - a pair of analogue RCA inputs for connection to an integrated amplifier or a pre-amplifier, and bi-wireable loudspeaker outputs that accept standard 4, banana plugs or BFA plugs.

rear panel of the Exposure 3510 power amplifier,
Exposure 3510 power amplifier in black,
  • 110wpc into 8ohms

  • bi-wire speaker outputs

  • H 115mm x W 440mm x D 300mm

  • available in black or titanium

  • 3 year warranty

  • £1700

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