home theatre speaker packages

Most stereo loudspeaker manufacturers will provide centre speakers and surround speakers to make up a home theatre speaker system, but very few are ideally suited to the demands of such a system, and some just aren't suitable.

Here we list those that are particularly well suited to serious home theatre reproduction, and also some more discrete, visually friendly alternatives .

ken kreisel theatre packages

Ken Kreisel has been at the forefront of home theatre for almost 50 years, designing and implementing unique features to ensure the very best sound reproduction for movies, and finding his way into movie studio mastering suites as a result.

Compact sealed boxes work well in any room, providing dynamics that elude conventional hi-fi speakers. Sealed, push-pull design subwoofers providing extremely low distortion with unmatched speed and punch. There is no other alternative for dedicated small, domestic home theatre installations.

Prices to be confirmed.

ken kreisel home theatre packages,

amphion home theatre packages

Despite being a relatively new company (founded in 1998), Finnish company Amphion have quickly found their way into recording studios across the word for their honest and faithful reproduction. Their design utilises clever waveguides to produce a more uniform dispersion throughout the room, which also reduces interaction with room boundaries, so you hear less of your room - I don't know how they do it, but it certainly works here!

Their presentation also owes a lot to their relatively low crossover point, which is a couple of thousand hertz lower than many other designs, which means that more of the important, directional frequencies are coming from a single point, eliminating phase issues in the all important midrange section that is dominated by one of the most important instruments - the human voice.

5.0 packages start from £1800 plus subwoofer, and are available in a multitude of colour options..

Amphion home theatre packages,

kef r series home theatre packages

KEF's UniQ array lends itself equally well to two-channel and multi-channel reproduction, producing a wide dispersion, opening up their imaging window, reducing room interaction, and gelling together better for multi-channel use, particularly Atmos based home theatre systems.

Prices start at £3450 for a 5.0 package available in black, white.or walnut, plus subwoofer and dedicated Atmos modules.

KEF R Series home theatre speaker packages,

surround sound speaker packages

monitor audio radius home theatre packages 

Monitor Audio's Slimline Radius loudspeaker range shy away from the usual bold shapes and curves of many lifestyle type loudspeaker packages, instead employing the traditional box design. 

Despite this, the Radius models wouldn't look out of place in any living room, and with a number of different sizes and shapes, the range includes the perfect model for every home theatre need.

From the Radius R90AV package, right up to a package based around the elegant, floorstanding R270 loudspeakers, there's a package for everyone's requirements.


Wall brackets and floorstands help get smaller speakers up and out of the way of prying little fingers, and help keep your home theatre looking discreet.

Radius 5.0 packages start from £600 plus subwoofer, with a number of flexible options with regards to mixing and matching.

Monitor Audio Radius loudspeaker packages,
Monitor Audio Radius loudspeakers,

svs prime satellite home theatre package

Using the same speaker all round for a 5.1 package  produces the most cohesive soundfield possible - all speakers covering the same frequency range, and being of the same capability.

Backed up by a meaty sounding SB1000 subwoofer, the prime Satellites produce a soundfield more in line with much larger loudspeakers, ideal for music reproduction as well as home theatre.

Prime Satellite 5.1 packages start from £979

SVS Prime Satellite AV packages,