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iso acoustics aperta isolation stands

ISO Acoustics Aperta isolation at the little audio company,

ISOacoustics Aperta isolation stands are designed to fully isolate bookshelf loudspeakers, centre speakers, and subwoofers from vibrations caused by the resonant surfaces they sit on transferring vibration back up to the loudspeaker. The result is improved focus, soundstaging, and detail.

They also provide a lift in height for a loudspeaker, which reduces higher frequency reflection from the surface it is sat on, and can also be used to provide tilt, either for when the speaker is positioned lower than the listening level (or higher), or further reduce HF reflection.

They're really one of those products that you don't need to say much about, you just have to hear them in action to appreciate the level of improvement they can bring to any system. 

ISO Acoustics at the little audio company,

aperta range

The Aperta range provides four models, each having a different size and weight tolerance. 

ISO Acoustics Aperta 155 isolation stands,

The ISO Acoustics Aperta 155 measure 155mm wide by 190mm deep, and will support a bookshelf speaker of up to 15.9kg each.

£199 / pair

ISO Acoustics Aperta 200 isolation stands,

The ISO Acoustics Aperta 200 measure 200mm wide by 255mm deep, and will support a bookshelf speaker of up to 34kg each.

£249 / pair

ISO Acoustics Aperta 300 isolation stand,

The  ISO Acoustics Aperta 300 measures 300mm wide by 200mm deep, and will support a speaker of up to 27.2kg each. Ideal for centre speakers.

£159 / each

ISOacoustics Aperta Sub isolation platform,

The  ISO Acoustics Aperta Sub measures 265mm by 290mm and 33mm high, and will support a subwoofer of up to 36kg.

Includes four carpet spikes.

£149 / each

Experience the benefits of ISOacoustics Aperta isolation platforms at the little audio company - Birmingham city centre's only authorised ISOacoustics dealer.

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