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kef kc62 subwoofer

kef kc62 subwoofer

With the same quality and depth of its bigger brother - the KF92 - the ultra-compact KC62 provides a performance that is unheard of for its size, which is noticeably smaller than a record sleeve.

KEF at the little audio company,
KEF KC62 subwoofer in mineral white,

The KC62 subwoofer uses dual 6.5" bass drivers, each driven by its own dedicated 500w amplifier.

StereoNet Product Of The Year,

The sealed box design produces a more even in-room bass response than ported subwoofers, and is easier to integrate into the average room too.

One area where sealed subwoofers tend to excel is "punch" - the impact of a bass note or explosion is delivered with more force than a ported subwoofer, and with better speed, conveying better definition for more accurate reproduction for both music and movies.

force cancelling, Uni-Core technology,

force cancelling


The sealed KC62 subwoofer uses force cancelling technology, something KEF has refined over decades of loudspeaker design. This feature reduces distortion, as any force created internally by one driver is cancelled out by the other, removing cabinet vibrations and producing cleaner bass for your hi-fi or home theatre system. 



The KC62 has come about after a patented development by KEF - Uni-Core. This cleverly combines the two motor systems of the opposing bass drivers into a single one, so that both bass drivers are being driven by one motor system, thus reducing the amount of space needed behind the drivers in order for them to sit into a more compact cabinet.

rear panel of the KEF KC62,

DSP processing brings iBX technology (Intelligent Bass Extension), which works with both amplifier and drivers to maximise output and low down performance - helping the KC62 produce a frequency response of  11Hz-200Hz (at -3dB) - quite a feat from such a small box!


With iBX analysing and overseeing the output of the KC62, output dynamics at all frequencies are also maximised, with the KC62 being capable of 105dB output.

As well as the usual RCA inputs, speaker level inputs are also provided, allowing it to be integrated easier into hi-fi systems that lack bass management.

KEF KC62 subwoofer in mineral white,
KEF KC62 subwoofer in carbon black,
  • dual 6.5" aluminium bass units

  • force cancelling design

  • sealed cabinet

  • 2x 500watt Class D amplifiers

  • iBX Bass Intelligence

  • 11Hz-200Hz (+/-3dB)

  • carbon black or mineral white

  • H246mm x W256mm x D248mm

  • £1695

  •  £1399 competitor price match 

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