kef ci5160 Reference THX loudspeakers

KEF's critically acclaimed Reference technology is now available as an in-wall option, utilising THX Ultra specifications to bring the best possible UniQ experience to discreet in-wall home theatre users, as well as the best possible music reproduction from an in-wall loudspeaker.

side view of the KEF Ci5160 Reference THX in-wall speaker, the little audio company,
angled view of the KEF Ci5160 Reference THX in-wall speaker, the little audio company,
front view of the KEF Ci5160 Reference THX in-wall speaker, the little audio company,
angled view of the KEF Ci5160 Reference THX in-wall speaker, the little audio company,
rear view of the KEF Ci5160 Reference THX in-wall speaker, the little audio company,

The extremely high sound quality of the KEF Ci5160 Reference THX is equally matched by their build quality. 

The satin black finished, brushed aluminium front fascia oozes quality, and this is topped off by the copper finish of the 11th generation UniQ driver with machined aluminium surround.

With a smaller front panel than many floorstanding loudspeakers, the Ci5160Ref THX is only 105.7mm deep, needing only 99mm cavity depth for mounting.

exploded view of KEF's UniQ driver technology, the little audio company,

UniQ two-way array

Originally introduced in 1988 with the C Series, KEF's dual concentric UniQ technology has now had 30 years of improvement and refinement, resulting in the current technology used throughout their loudspeaker ranges, from the Q Series, through R Series and Reference, right through to the Blade and Muon models.

KEF Ci5160 Reference THX in-wall loudspeakers, the little audio company,

KEF's UniQ array allows midrange and high frequencies right down to 400Hz to emanate from a single point rather than two distinctly separate points as with most loudspeakers. This improves imaging and focus, and removes issues associated with the usual vertical driver array of most speakers. It's basically taking the d'Appolito arrangement, improving it, and producing its benefits throughout 360 degrees rather than just vertically.

The midrange cone also acts as a waveguide for the HF unit, controlling high frequency dispersion, reducing reflections from side walls, ceilings, and floors, helping you to hear more of your speaker's natural output and less of the room's interference.

The Ci5160Ref THX speakers are a three-way design, utilising a 1" aluminium HF unit and a 5.25" midrange driver in a UniQ array, covering all frequencies from 400Hz upwards - that's six sevenths of their frequency range. This midrange driver is actually slightly larger than those used in the Reference range, Blade range, and even the Muon.

Above and below this UniQ driver are a pair of 6.5" bass drivers, providing all frequencies below 400Hz. Using such a small bass driver allows a slimline front panel to be used. Adding more bass drivers enhances output capability and bass depth, and used above and below the UniQ driver, allows the perceived acoustic centre of the four bass drivers to be located in the same place as the UniQ array - producing an "apparent point source" design.

THX equipped KEF loudspeakers at the little audio company, THX speakers,

THX is a set of required specifications for home theatre equipment to reach in order to realise the full cinematic experience in your home. Each product is assessed and put through its paces by THX, and awarded the prestigious badge upon passing all tests.

In the case of the Ci5160Ref THX speakers, being THX Ultra capable, they will easily fill a 3,000 cubic foot cinema room (with relevant amplification, of course) with Reference Level sound (equivalent, relatively, to your local multi-plex), and will do so for at least a three hour spell - enough to get you through the most epic of movies without distortion or running out of steam.

This high output is covered by the six drive units in each Ci5160, and such is their capability that all you'll ned to finish the package off is a highly capable subwoofer. Or two.

KEF Ci5160 Reference THX i-wall loudspeaker at the little audio company,
  • THX Ultra2 specification

  • three-way design

  • UniQ array

  • 1" aluminium HF unit

  • 5.25" midrange driver

  • 4x 6.5" aluminium bass units

  • open back cabinet

  • 40Hz-28kHz (+/-6dB open backed)

  • 90dB sensitivity

  • 4ohms impedance

  • 99mm mounting depth

  • H1070mm x W230mm

  • £8500 each