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ken kreisel dxd-1000 quattro stack

Fancy upgrading your sub? The usual route it to sell your existing sub, and in doing so lose money, and purchase a larger subwoofer with a bigger driver/drivers and a larger footprint, taking up more space in your listening room. Or perhaps you want high-end performance from your subwoofer system but you're only permitted so much floor space...

Don't worry, Ken Kreisel has you covered. All Ken Kreisel subwoofers use the same high quality components, so the signal quality of the DXD300 is the same as the DXD1000. Therefore, to gain more output, deeper bass, higher SPLs etc, just add more subs and stack! Now you have all the gains with exactly the same footprint, and you've lost zero capital...

Ken Kreisel Professional Sound,
how a Quattro stack works,
You'd be hard pressed to get this sort of performance within a 390mm by 490mm footprint.
In all, there are eight long-throw 12" bass drivers working in four dual push-pull configurations in a Quattro Stack, cancelling out any even-order harmonic distortions, improving clarity and lowering noise floor.
Due to the placement of the eight drivers, each driver has an opposing driver working in the opposite direction, cancelling out vibrations and energy forces, resulting in a mechanically stable subwoofer system.
In each subwoofer, each 12" driver has its very own dedicated 500 watt output Class D amplifier, producing 1000 watts of continuous output in total. Additionally, the two cool running amplifiers are configured in a push-pull design, tripling their peak power to take care of the all important sudden dynamic bursts that are required for not only moved, but also music. Times that by four! So this Quattro Stack provides 4,000 watts of continuous output, capable of a peak output of 12,000 watts!
That's almost three times the peak power a £17,000 JL Audio Gotham 213 subwoofer!
With each pair of 12" drivers being roughly equivalent to a single 18" driver, a Quattro Stack can shift roughly the same amount of air as four 18" drivers! 
Ken Kreisel DXD-1000 Duo stack,
  • Quattro Stack (four DXD1000 stacked)

  • sealed cabinet design

  • mechanically stable design

  • 8x 12" bass drivers working in dual push-pull configuration

  • 8x 500w Class D amplifiers working in dual push-pull configuration

  • 4000w output continuous

  • 12,000w peak output

  • <0.3% total harmonic distortion

  • H 2400mm x W 490mm x D 390mm

  • available in black with red trim


What makes Ken Kreisel's subwoofers so competitive?


For one thing, there's no excess of exotic cabinet materials in order to make the design look more expensive than it is. Sure, it looks "high-end", but this also attracts a high-end price. The cabinet is there to perform a function - outside of that function, any amount of money can be spent to "dress it up". The majority of the budget of a Ken Kreisel subwoofer concentrates on the most important aspects first, such as the drivers and electronics.

There's also no "over-engineered" bass drivers with oversize magnets and huge, thick roll surrounds. The highly responsive, lightweight drivers of a Ken Kreisel subwoofer are designed in such a way that they do not need over-sized magnets in order to keep them under control, nor do they need excessive industrial gaskets to support the weight of such an unnecessarily over-sized magnet.

To read more about the individual aspects of a DXD1000 subwoofer, see the DXD1000 subwoofer page here

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