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ken kreisel ks700 tripole rear speakers

In 1996, Ken Kreisel designed and released the SS150 tripole surround sound loudspeaker. Hot on the heels of 1995's S150 main LCR speaker, the SS150 rounded off the perfect loudspeaker package for home theatre. This design has prompted some to emulate.

Rather than the usual monopole type loudspeaker that was being used as rear speakers - effectively having five direct radiating loudspeakers surrounding the listener, Ken Kreisel's Tripole design too things much further - utilising a midrange driver on either side of the cabinet to radiate sound not only forward, but also up and down the room when the speaker was mounted on the side walls. This gave a full 180 degree radiation of sound, enveloping the listener further, and helping the rear effects in movies to sound more diffuse, producing far better ambient effects.

Using the same driver units as the K500 and K700 main loudspeakers, the KS700 3D tripole loudspeakers is able to fill large cinema rooms and provide far more dynamic headroom than you'll ever experience in your local cinema.

Ken Kreisel Professional Sound,

The high quality drivers used for the KS700 3D tripole surround speaker are those also used in the K500 and K700 main loudspeakers, in the arrangment of the good old S150. Added to this are two (out of phase) drivers on each side of the cabinet, allowing sound to be projected up and down the room, when mounted in their ideal position on the side walls either side of the listening position.


This driver arrangement produces an enveloping soundfield to the side and rear of the listener, rather than the usual direct, focused sound from conventional surround speakers. Because of this more diffuse rear presentation, the KS700s are far harder to locate with the human ear, but are also able to produce precise effects placement due to their font firing drivers.

The phase-focused crossover ensures the sound from the five front drivers remains a single point to the human ear.

Ken Kreisel KS700 3D tripole rear speakers,
Ken Kreisel KS700 3D tripole rear speakers,

With two (or four) KS700s at the side/rear of your home theatre system, movies from Directors such as David Fincher - who includes a lot of ambient information in his movies - sound far more realistic. "Effortless" is highly understating the KS700. Many home theatre speaker systems end up sounding "edgy" or "rough" because the loudspeakers used just can't handle the signal they've been given. High quality drivers reduce this issue, and placing a number of them in a line-array eliminates it. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the movie, safe in the knowledge the KS700 will handle anything you throw at it.

But they're not only masters of high output and dynamism. They're just as equally capable with more gentle material too, reproducing the most subtle of sounds with delicacy you'd expect from a high-end hifi loudspeaker.

The KS700 is the ultimate surround sound speaker for high-end home theatre systems.

  • 3D tripole design rear loudspeaker

  • 2x 27mm HF units

  • 3x 5.25" midrange units

  • 2x 3" side firing drive units

  • phase focused crossover

  • 1200Hz crossover point

  • 65Hz-30kHz (+/-2dB)

  • 89dB sensitivity

  • 4ohm impedance

  • 25-300w amp recommendation

  • W 310mm x H 333mm x D 160mm

  • 3 year warranty

  • available in matte black


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