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ken kreisel m150 main speakers

In 1989, Ken Kreisel designed and released the S-100B. Line-arrays were nothing new, but no one had compacted five drivers into a small box and incorporated phase-focus crossover technology to help produce a more coherent end result, producing a highly accurate, highly focused loudspeaker capable of huge dynamic range. This design has prompted many to emulate to this day.

Over the decades, the micro-technology of drive units has improved overall sound quality and furthered the design, becoming the home theatre stalwart S150 during the 1990s, and keeping it as relevant today as it was back in 1989. The new M150 is based on the S150, using smaller mid drivers to allow a slimmer looking cabinet, retaining the same dynamic range and headroom that was available from the S150. The M150 is a compact monitor utilising a line-array of three HF units for massive headroom, able to fill small/medium cinema rooms and provide far more dynamic headroom than you'll ever experience in your local cinema.

Ken Kreisel Professional Sound,

With the dimensions of 320mm high, 237mm wide, and 200mm deep, the M150 main speakers are pretty compact, but their dynamic capabilities stretch beyond that of most conventional hi-fi loudspeakers.


Thanks to the phase-focus crossover design, the line-array of three HF units act as a single HF as far as the human ear is concerned. They also allow ample dynamic headroom to be able to deal with even the most demanding movie soundtracks. Distortion is also greatly reduced, due the HF units working well within their limits.

Likewise, the line-array of two 4" midrange drivers produce fast, highly articulate midrange detail, and again, due to reduced cone movement, reduce distortion levels. Think of it this way - "shared" work is an easier load on the driver. The result is a more natural, convincing midrange performance.

Ken Kreisel M150 main loudspeaker,
Ken Kreisel M150 main loudspeaker,

With three M150s at the helm of your home theatre system, that end-of-the-world apocalypse you're watching will sound like a reality. "Effortless" is highly understating the M150. Many home theatre speaker systems end up sounding "edgy" or "rough" because the loudspeakers are working outside of their comfort zone. High quality drivers reduce this issue, and placing a number of them in a line-array eliminates it by increasing efficiency and headroom. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the movie, safe in the knowledge the M150 will handle anything you throw at it.

But they're not only masters of high output and dynamism. They're just as equally capable with more gentle material too, reproducing the most subtle of sounds with delicacy you'd expect from a high-end hifi loudspeaker.

Three of these can easily be wall mounted behind an acoustically transparent projector screen for the ultimate experience.

  • sealed cabinet

  • 3x 27mm HF units

  • 2x 4" midrange units

  • phase focused crossover

  • 1200Hz crossover point

  • 65Hz-30kHz (+/-2dB)

  • 86dB sensitivity

  • 4ohm impedance

  • 25-200w amp recommendation

  • W 237mm x H 320mm x D 200mm

  • 3 year warranty

  • available in piano gloss red, or matte black or white


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