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ken kreisel timeline

There is only one Ken Kreisel. A man of vision and innovation, who has had a profound influence on home theatre and its sound formats over the decades, consistently pushing the boundaries and producing monitoring equipment used in top studios worldwide including Disney, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Dolby Laboratories, DTS, LucasArts, Skywalker Sound, Sony, Warner Brothers and THX.

There are a few timelines in existence in relation to the Kreisel name, but only one is genuine. If there's no photos of Ken, nor any mention of Ken, it'll be a manipulated version to conceal the true facts. We have recreated the correct one here for you in order to inform you of the true achievements of the one and only, Ken Kreisel.

Everything else is just imitation.

You can also view this timeline on Ken's own website here

Ken Kreisel Professional Sound,


Satellite-Volkswoofer System,
1978 marks the consumer release of the Satellite-Volkswoofer System, which Ken Kreisel originally designed for his own use at the M&K Real Time Direct-To-Disc recording studio.
The Satellite-1 speaker incorporates much of the technology Ken still uses today, such as phase focused crossovers, group delay time alignment, and controlled vertical directivity


Forerunner of home theatre,
At this point, Ken Kreisel was already building professional screening rooms for directors, producers, and the Hollywood elite - long before the phrase "home theatre" was being used. This meant that long before room EQ was even thought of, Ken Kreisel was addressing the issues faced with building dedicated home theatre systems, putting him in a unique position...


RealTime Records CD release in the US,
Ken Kreisel's M&K RealTime Records becomes the first label to release Compact Discs in the U.S.
The first releases featured Ken Kreisel's digital recordings of The Philharmonia Hungarica Orchestra, recorded in Germany
Star Wars Episode I: The Pantom Menace,
Rick McCallum, Producer of Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III: 
"We selected Miller & Kreisel speakers to create Star Wars Episode I soundtrack and they proved to be the most accurate and best sounding monitors we have ever used."
Oscar winner,


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