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lumin D3 music streamer

Lumin at the little audio company,

The Lumin D3 streamer has many strings to its bow. Not only streaming your own network stored music to your hifi system, giving you to access to QOBUZ, Spotify Connect, and TIDAL Connect music streaming services - the latter providing full MQA compatibility - along with thousands of internet radio stations via TuneIn. Being Roon Ready, the D3 is able to present you with a wealth of artist and album information at your fingertips.


AirPlay2 provides wireless streaming from Apple products such as phones and tablets.

Full decoding of TIDAL Masters and digital MQA files, with an MQA icon and  QOBUZ hi-res icon denoting suitable tracks within the Lumin control app.

A Sabre ESS9028 Pro DAC chip provide digital to analogue conversion, capable of PCM decoding up to 32bit/384kHz, and DSD up to DSD256 at 1bit stereo, such is the power of Lumin's processor, which has been updated for the D3 and is based on the X1 processor. Optional upsampling is offered to PCM384kHz or DSD256 for all files.

D3 in silver,
TuneIn radio,
TIDAL Connect streaming,
QOBUZ streaming,
Spotify Connect Streaming,
Lumin D3 back panel, Lumin D3 connctions, Lumin D3 inputs,

Analogue outputs are covered by a pair of 3 volt unbalanced RCA outputs, and a pair of 6 volt balanced XLR outputs, allowing direct connection to suitable analogue components such as amplifiers, power amplifiers, and active loudspeakers. Volume can be controlled by the connection equipment, or via Lumin's own lossless digital output controllable via the free control app.

A BNC digital output covers PCM up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD256, 1bit stereo.

A Gigabit ethernet connection allows large data streams.

Two Type B USB inputs allows music to be played via USB sticks or hard drives.

UPnP network streaming,
DSD decoding,
AirPlay streaming,
full MQA decoding,
Roon compatible,
  • UPnP network streamer

  • ESS Sabre32 ES9028 Pro DAC chipset

  • Leedh lossless digital volume control

  • fully balanced circuit layout

  • 1pr unbalanced analogue RCA outputs [3v]

  • 1pr balanced analogue XLR outputs [6v]

  • 1x BNC digital output [up to 24bit-192kHz / DSD2.8MHz 1bit]

  • 1x Gigabit ethernet input

  • fixed or variable output

  • AirPlay2 streaming

  • Spotify Connect streaming

  • TIDAL Connect streaming

  • QOBUZ streaming

  • TuneIn internet radio

  • MQA decoding

  • PCM decoding up to 32bit/384kHz

  • DSD decoding up to DSD256 at 5.6MHz

  • DSD256 and PCM384kHz upsampling option

  • Roon Ready

  • Apple IOS and Android control apps

  • black anodised or raw brushed aluminium fascia

  • H 60mm x W 300mm x D 244mm

  • £2195

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