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lumin u2 digital transport

Lumin U2 digital streamer,
Lumin at the little audio company,

The Lumin U2 digital transport is a purely high-end digital streaming platform ideal for those who already own a high-end DAC, or have a preferred DAC of their choice. The U2 is void of any analogue circuitry which could interfere with the digital signal. The U2 provides five different digital outputs.


 Not only will the U2 stream music stored anywhere on your network to your connected hifi system via UPnP, it will also give you to access to Spotify Connect, QOBUZ, and TIDAL Connect streaming services - the latter providing full MQA compatibility - as well as thousands of internet radio stations via TuneIn. Fully Roon compatible, the U2 is able to present you with a wealth of artist and album information at your fingertips.


AirPlay provides wireless streaming from Apple phones and tablets.

UPnP network streaming,
DSD decoding,
AirPlay streaming,
MQA decoding ,
Roon compatible,
U2 back panel, U2 connections,

A BNC coaxial digital output, an optical digital output, and a balanced AES/EBU digital output digital outputs cover PCM up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD at 2.8MHz - two USB digital outputs cover PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, and stereo DSD up to DSD512 at 22.5MHz. The USB connections double up for adding hard drive storage for music collections. The U2 sees an additional USB connection for output to an external DAC.

Volume can be controlled by the connected equipment, or via Lumin's own Leedh lossless digital output controllable via the free control app

TuneIn internet radio,
TIDAL Connect streaming,
QOBUZ streaming,
Spotify Connect Streaming
U2 streaming transport,
  • purely digital streaming transport

  • fully balanced circuit layout

  • 1x Gigabit ethernet input

  • 1x optical digital output [up to 24bit/192kHz]

  • 1x BNC coaxial digital output [up to 24bit/192kHz]

  • 1x AES/EBU balanced digital output [up to 24bit/192kHz]

  • 2x Type B USB digital outputs [up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512 at 22.5MHz, 1bit]

  • these Type B USB also offer HDD stored music attachment

  • 1x Type B USB output

  • DSD upsampling to DSD256

  • PCM upsampling to PCM384kHz

  • fixed or variable output, Leedh lossless processing

  • H 60.5mm x W 350mm x D 350mm

  • £4495

  • UPnP network streamer (OpenHome)

  • AirPlay streaming

  • TuneIn internet radio

  • MQA decoding

  • Roon ready

  • TIDAL Connect streaming

  • QOBUZ streaming

  • Spotify Connect streaming

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