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Nessie Vinyl Cleaner ProPlus LED,

nessie vinyl cleaner proplus+ LED

nessie record cleaners,

The ProPlus+ uses two arms to more thoroughly perform the separate tasks of washing and cleaning. The chromed aluminium puck protects the label from moisture, as well as helping to flatten warped records.

Other than placing the arms manually on to the record, everything else is automatic. The amount of fluid supplied to the cleaning arm to cover the record is preset, and turntable changes direction to insure thorough cleaning, and drying shuts down after one revolution.

The suction arm uses "point suction" rather than an arm that removes water via a slot that runs the full length of the arm. Point suction is more expensive to implement, but reduces the noise produced by the drying process. The suction power of the ProPlus+ is the same as the range-topping Vinyl Master model.

The main body of the machine is made from carbon-acrylic in order to avoid moisture issues that can occur in machines made from MDF (which also contain formaldehyde). This body is sound proofed using Basotect which insulates against the noise produced by the turbine valves to below 60dB, making it quieter than the average record cleaner.

The ProPlus+ LED is also available without the LED light.

  • liquid record cleaning machine

  • independent cleaning and drying arms

  • internal water tank

  • supplied funnel to fill tank

  • carbon/acrylic casing

  • Basotect sound insulation

  • chromed feet and record clamp

  • protected against electrostatic charges

  • optional acrylic protection lid (£99)

  • optional 7" and 10" cleaning brushes

  • LED light

  • H295mm x W321mm x D230mm

  • 8.5kg

  • 2 year warranty

  • £1650

  • £1599 without LED light

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