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ophidian mambo 2 speakers

Standing less than 900mm tall, the Ophidian Mambo 2 is one of the smallest full range floorstanding speakers available. Sitting on a small stable plinth, the cabinet is the same width as the Mojo 2s at 158mm wide, and only 1mm less shallow at 191mm deep.

Much of the magic is in the Mambo 2's crossover design and Aeroflex technology, which allows them to perform way beyond their size, which can only be appreciated in the flesh.


The Mambo 2 is an ideal speaker for those who are tight on space, but still want a quality floorstanding loudspeaker without the excessive bass response that many possess - the Mambo provides a well balanced response across the frequency range, and also works well against walls. The bass depth the Mambo 2 can recreate from such a small cabinet and drivers is just astonishing, being able to reproduce bass down to 38Hz (at -3dB).

Ophidian Mambo 2 loudspeakers at the little audio company,
Ophidian at the little audio company,

Many floorstanding loudspeakers try hard to impress, but fall flat when it comes to producing a balanced frequency response, producing excessive bass that rarely works well in the average listening space. Not so the Mambo 2.  

The Mambo 2 uses a 27mm Sonolex coated soft dome HF unit, with dual, long throw 115mm mid/bass drivers. The advantage of such a small mid/bass driver is its speed, producing tight bass lines with control that is more in line with high end loudspeakers. I've heard speakers costing thousands that can't match their pace and control, and both of those qualities ultimately affect clarity. As bass quantity isn't their main goal, they come across as much more naturally balanced than most other sub £1,000 speakers.

A third internal bass driver aids depth and output.

Ophidian M2 Series family,

Ophidian's Aeroflex technology is designed to do a similar job to a conventional loudspeaker port - produce extended bass from a small cabinet - but it does so without the side effects. Reflex ports usually produce a highly turbulent flow of air, which can produce noise, and also drastically change the bass depending on its proximity to the wall. Place your hand over an Aeroflex port and you'll hardly feel a thing. This allows the Mambo 2 to be placed near to walls without all the negative issues, making it a very flexible little speaker that could even be placed successfully on bookshelves, making it a genuine bookshelf speaker - very few speakers touted as a bookshelf will actually work in that scenario.

Ophidian's Aeroflex techology,

The cabinets of the Mambo 2 are built and crafted in hand finished in England, and available in a oak or walnut real wood veneer finish. The cabinet is constructed of plywood as it possess better vibration damping qualities over the often used MDF. A real wood veneer is then applied to the cabinet to provide a high quality finish.

The previous Mojo had no grille, but the new Mambo 2 comes with a magnetic grille, which helps keep the non-grille look clean and free from ugly holes.

  • 2.5-way design

  • 27mm Sonolex coated HF unit

  • dual 115mm mid/bass drivers

  • internal 115mm bass driver

  • Aeroflex port system

  • magnetic grilles

  • 38Hz-25kHz [+/-3dB] frequency response

  • 87dB sensitivity

  • 4ohm impedance

  • H893mm x W158mm x D191mm [incl. grilles]

  • black plinth W218mm x W293mm

  • oak or walnut wood veneer finish

  • £2000 / pair

Ophidian Mambo 2 with grilles,
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