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Perlisten S7t Limited Edition loudspeakers,

perlisten S7t Limited Edition loudspeakers

an extremely limited version of the highly lauded S7t model, built to tighter tolerances with higher quality materials, including carbon fiber

Perlisten at the little audio company,
Perlisten Signature DPC array,

At the heart of every Perlisten loudspeakers is the DPC array - Directivity Pattern Control, provides controlled dispersion in any type of room, and benefits music and home theatre alike.

The Signature DPC array comprises of a 28mm Beryllium HF unit, and two 28mm Textreme carbon midrange domes, covering all frequencies above 1.1kHz.

This array runs throughout the Signature Series, ensuring consistent sound characteristics regardless of the combination chosen for a multi-channel setup.

Perlisten S7t Limited Edition tower speakers,
THX Dominus rated,
Perlisten S7t Limited Edition loudspeakers,

As with all Perlisten loudspeakers, the S7t LE is centred around the DPC array (read more here), comprising of three 28mm domes in a vertical array. The centre Beryllium dome is the HF unit, covering frequencies above 4.4kHz. A carefully formed waveguide controls horizontal dispersion to reduce side wall reflections. The same waveguide restricts vertical dispersion even more so, vastly reducing floor and ceiling reflections.

The vertically flanking 28mm Textreme carbon midrange domes cover between 1.1kHz and 4.4kHz, producing a more responsive midrange that far less coloured by what would conventionally be a larger driver. Their dispersion is also controlled in line with the HF unit.

The waveguide housing for these units is made from machined aluminium, aiding heat dissipation for all three drivers.

The DPC array sits between two 6.5" Textreme carbon drivers covering from 1.1kHz downwards to 500Hz, where two more LF drivers at the very top and bottom of the array cover 500Hz and below. All four bass drivers are ported out at the bottom of the cabinet, making them more rear-wall friendly. The redesigned voice coils of these drivers over the standard S7t allow for 20% more cone excursion and reduced inductance.

This downward firing port can be fully plugged, providing the more controlled performance of a sealed, acoustic suspension cabinet. This results in a  more even frequency response across its range, and better transient response.

ISOacoustics isolation feet,

In conjunction with ISOacoustics, Perlisten have produced colour coordinated GAIA isolation feet for the Limited Edition model, improving sound quality by isolating them from the resonances of hard surfaces. Spiked feet can be added to gain the same benefits on carpeted floors.

  • 4-way , bi-wireable design

  • sealed acoustic suspension or ported use

  • THX Dominus rated

  • DPC treble/midrange array

  • radiused carbon side panels

  • crossover components 1% tolerance

  • pair matched within 0.5dB

  • £30,000 / pair in cherry natural, black cherry natural, ebony natural, and ebony high gloss special edition wood finishes

  • limited to 50 pairs worldwide

  • available fall 2023

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