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about Perlisten subwoofers,

Perlisten subwoofers are designed for low distortion, accurate bass reproduction. They're the first THX Dominus rated subwoofers in the world. They look serious because they are serious - subwoofers done right.

about perlisten subwoofers

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Perlisten at the little audio company,

Many say that the sign of good quality is in the weight. If that's true, Perlisten's 'baby' D12s subwoofer is 41kg, and the mighty D215s is 92kg! For their dual driver subs, this weight comprises of two high excursion bass drivers with huge magnets (as can be seen below), coupled with a high-efficiency 3000w Class D amplifier, and a densely constructed cabinet - in the case of the D215s, the front baffle is over 3" thick.

Every aspect of Perlisten subwoofers has been researched and thought through to the nth degree. All aspects of the amplifier are continually monitored - output voltage and current, DC offset, incoming AC voltage, amplifier and power supply temperature, power supply output, and much more, with everything being adjusted and balanced to ensure a Perlisten subwoofer works as intended regardless of conditions.

Perlisten push/pull sub design,

The very best Perlisten subwoofers are designed around a dual driver push/pull configuration - this reduces even-order harmonic distortions by 10-12dB - that's up to four times lower - producing far cleaner output throughout its frequency range than other subwoofers in its price category.

THX Dominus rated

One thing that separates Perlisten from many other subwoofer producing companies is their push/pull driver design. Invented by Ken Kreisel in 1989, it set his subwoofers apart from everything else on the market at the time with regards to very low distortion levels, and was one of the reasons why his subwoofers were adopted by mastering studios around the world.  Perlisten recognise the significance of this design and have adopted this approach.

As you can see by the illustration, a second driver is mounted underneath facing into the cabinet, but wired out of phase with the main driver. So while the main driver is on its outward stroke, the bottom driver is also on its outward stroke, only backwards and out of phase. This acoustically cancels even-order harmonic distortions, producing a far cleaner, more accurate bass output that is also far more linear at higher output.

push pull subwoofer design,

With push/pull being a sealed design, it won't have the exaggerated and bloated output of a ported subwoofer, and will be tighter and sound far more accurate, uncovering detail and nuances that other subwoofers just cannot match.

Perlisten subwoofer control app,

All Perlisten subwoofers give you access to a free control app which makes setting up a breeze - just as well given their weight - you don't want to be moving a hefty sub to gain access to rear mounted controls! Just as well that Perlisten subwoofers doesn't have any rear controls, it's all in the comprehensive app which is useable from your favourite chair, or via the touch screen LCD display on top of all Perlisten subwoofers. Control every aspect of setup, from volume right through to the PEQ and its three memory settings, and choose easily between them.

THX's new Dominus rating for home theatre guarantees a subwoofer's performance to fill a 6,500 cubic foot room with a continuous 95dB output, and provide peaks of 115dB. To put that into some perspective, your room could be 20ft wide by 40ft deep with an 8ft ceiling, and you'd get continuous cinema volume levels...

Perlisten are the first subwoofers in the world to achieve the Dominus rating, as are their speakers - a statement of intent you could say, from such a relatively new company which is around the same age as the little audio company, despite the experience of both companies running into decades.


All Perlisten subwoofers are THX rated, and all Perlisten subwoofers from the D15s upwards are THX Dominus rated. Despite the baby D12s of the range with its single 12" driver not being Dominus rated on its own, used as a pair they do achieve the Dominus rating.

Essentially, Dominus is a far higher rating than many of us in the U.K. will ever need, even if you do watch your movies at Reference Level (or beyond!), Dominus guarantees your equipment will give everything you ask of it.

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