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We're giving home theatre enthusiasts a chance to trade in their current loudspeakers to trade up to brand spanking new Perlisten loudspeakers, offering extremely generous trade-in prices. Try us!

perlisten loudspeaker trade-up

loudspeaker trade in,
Perlisten at the little audio company,

how does it work?

Very simple really.


This offer is open to owners of ANY brand of loudspeakers, particularly those who still have the original packaging and boxes, which will of course attract a better part exchange price.

For anyone interested, please email with the make and model of the loudspeakers you have, whether you have original box and packaging, and a description of the condition - some good photos will be a big help. We will also consider faulty loudspeakers, but obviously these won't attract as big a part-ex price as working ones.

This is a "trade up" scheme, so swaps aren't an option - sorry!

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