Rotel A14 Mk2 integrated amplifier

rotel a14 mk2 integrated amplifier

For decades, Rotel have produced high value amplification using high quality components, with simple, short signal paths of equal length, capable of clean output power that exceeds its conservative output ratings. This continues today with the slimline A14 Mk2 amplifier.

Rotel hifi,
Rotel A14 Mk2 integrated amplifier

The inclusion of a DAC for the Rotel A14 Mk2 opens up its flexibility and versatility. For this, Rotel have chosen an AKM chipset capable of decoding digital material up to 32bit/388kHz. The front Type A USB input utilises this DAC for playing from music apps via Apple phones or tablets, as well as charging them.

Inside the Rotel A14 mk2 amplifier is typically Rotel. A large, high current toroidal transformer, and all signal paths are kept equal in order to reduce any left/right channel timing issues, with left and right channels laid out in a dual-mono fashion.

The moving magnet phono stage and digital board are housed on separate circuit boards to avoid interference.

inside the Rotel A14 amplifier,
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The AKM DAC also ensures high quality reproduction of digital music received wirelessly from phones and tablets via aptX Bluetooth, which is capable of supporting up to 16bit/48kHz.

Rotel A14 Mk2 amplifier shown in black,

Bass, treble, and other controls can be adjusted in the menu to your preference, or bypassed altogether. All nine inputs can be instantly selected directly from the front panel, as well as speaker selection. The display also shows volume and input selected, and the front USB provides digital playback from phones and personal audio devices.

Roon tested,
Roon tested,

The Rotel A14 Mk2 is Roon tested, and able to become part of a Roon controlled hi-fi system.

The Rotel A14 mk2 provides four analogue inputs, any of which can be configured as a home theatre bypass, as well as a high quality MM phono stage for adding a turntable.

A pair of analogue pre-outputs allow for the addition of a power amplifier or a subwoofer or two.

rear panel of the Rotel A14 amplifier,

Two optical and two coaxial digital inputs are provided, and a Type B USB input ideal for directly connecting a computer or laptop, or adding the likes of an Innuos server. The Type A USB connection can be used for powering a USB device, even when the amplifier is switched off. Two 12v triggers offer auto-power on to suitable equipment, and a second switchable set of speaker outputs can facilitate the addition of either a second pair of speakers or the low level outputs of a REL subwoofer, making it easy to switch them in or out of the system from the front panel of the A14.

MQA decoding,

The Rotel A14 Mk2 is now MQA and MQA Studio compatible, bringing high quality streaming from MQA downloads and the TIDAL streaming platform.

Rotel A14 stereo hifi amplifier

The A14 shown here with the CD14 compact disc player and T14 FM and DAB+ tuner, which includes DTS PlayFi streaming capabilities

Rotel A14 Mk2 amplifier shown in silver,
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  • 80wpc (8ohms)

  • 4x pairs RCA analogue inputs

  • MM phono stage

  • 1x pair RCA analogue pre-outputs

  • 2x optical digital inputs [up to 24/192]

  • 2x coaxial digital inputs [up to 24/192]

  • 2x Type A USB inputs [up to 24/96]

  • 1x Type B USB input [up to 32/384 and DSD128]

  • MQA and MQA Studio compatible

  • Roon compatible

  • aptX Bluetooth streaming

  • headphone socket

  • bass and treble controls

  • home theatre bypass [configurable]

  • Class AB design

  • H 93mm x W 430mm x D 345mm

  • £1195