innuos music servers

Innuos has turned the world of digital storage upside down. Music servers are no longer awkward, clunky, fiddly things to use - bespoke innuOS software makes it extremely simple to not only rip and store your CD collection, but also to edit metadata, even from a phone or tablet. It's so simple it's crazy.

Offering ripping and storage of compact discs as well as digital music files, the ZEN models also give access to internet radio and high quality music streaming services such as QOBUZ and TIDAL.
Controllable by Roon or Innuos' own Sense app, an Innuos music server hosts all your music in one place to supply any and every streaming product around your home.

Come and hear the benefits of an Innuos music server and see what it can do for you and your system - we are the sole authorised Innuos dealer in Birmingham city centre.
Innuos ZEN Mini Mk3 server, Innuos ZEN Mini music server,

innuos zen mini mk3

a compact music server / digital storage device, with internet radio and music streaming services - the addition of analogue and digital outputs adds to its flexibility for any type of system

Innuos ZEN Mk3 server, Innuos ZEN music server,

innuos zen mk3

full width hi-fi music server / digital storage device, adding linear a power supply and improved isolation makes the ZEN Mk3 ideal for high quality hi-fi systems

Innuos ZENith Mk3 server, Innuos ZENith music server,

innuos zenith mk3

a full width hi-fi music server / digital storage device adding solid state SSD storage, bringing silence and speed to an already excellent package, ideal for high end hi-fi systems

click here for Innuos ZENith SE music server,

innuos zenith se    discontinued 

Innuos ZENith Statement server, Innuos Statement music server,

innuos zenith statement

the ultimate audiophile music server / digital storage, with internet radio and music streaming services - the perfect digital source to ensure the weak point of the system isn't the source...

Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker,

innuos phoenix usb reclocker

the highly precise USB output from the Statement in its own enclosure, providing accurate timing of digital information to any USB DAC

Innuos Phoenix NET, Innuos network switch, high end network switch,

innuos phoenix net network switch

a Statement-grade network switch providing the very best network switching for high quality audio systems