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system audio silverback 1 wireless speakers

A flexible, wireless loudspeaker with multi-room capabilities

System Audio at the little audio company,
Silverback 1 speakers in black,

The The Silverback 1 wireless loudspeaker from System Audio is a perfect addition to any room, and with its multi-room capabilities, you can add them to every room!

All the Silverback 1 needs to function is power lead. Its internal amplifiers provide 80 watts of power, more than enough for most rooms and uses.

The Silverback 1 can be simply used as a stereo pair as a main system in a living room, to add high quality sound to a kitchen or bedroom, or even a snug or extension. Just plug in an existing hi-fi source and away you go, or plug your TV into them and enjoy hugely improved sound quality over your TV speakers, and likely better than most soundbars. Need more inputs? Add the Stereo hub and add HDMI, digital and analogue audio inputs, as well as USB.

Available in satin back or satin white, they'll blend in with any decor, and can be placed on a shelf or sideboard, or wall mounted with the optional wall bracket

The Silverback 1 isn't just another wireless loudspeaker though, its capabilities can be expanded. Adding the Stereo Hub allows a number of source components to be used with them, as well as adding a control app which includes digital room correction to get the best out of them wherever you want to place them.

With three optical digital inputs, one coaxial digital input, a 3.5mm analogue input, a USB type A input, and an ARC enabled HDMI input, your Silverback 1s have replaced a full size amplifier/speaker combination.

If all of your visual sources are plugged into the TV, just connect the Stereo Hub to the ARC HDMI connection on the TV and anything you watch on TV will have its audio routed into the Hub, then sent wirelessly to the Silverbacks - the Hub sends all its audio to the Silverbacks wirelessly, so you won't have speaker cables routing around the room. 

Stereo Hub,

Essentially you could have a suitable turntable plugged into the RCA inputs, a Sky box and a couple of games consoles plugged into the optical inputs, a music server such as an Innuos plugged into the USB input, your TV plugged into the HDMI input, and that still leaves you two spare inputs to use.

Click on the image above to see everything the Hub can bring to your system.

Silverback 1 shown in white,
  • two-way, active wireless loudspeakers

  • WiSA wireless transmission technology

  • analogue RCA phono line input

  • wall or shelf mount

  • 1x 1" soft dome HF unit

  • 1x 5.5" mid/bass driver

  • 80wpc amplifier

  • 45Hz-25kHz +/- 1.5dB

  • analogue RCA phono line input

  • H 325mm x W 310mm x D 135mm

  • single keyhole wall mounting

  • optional wall bracket for tilt options

  • optional Stereo Hub input expansion

  • available in satin black or satin white

  • £1800 / pair

  • INITIAL OFFER! Half price Hub with a pair of Silverback 1 speakers

HiFi Choice review, HiFi Choice recommended,
EISA Award,
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