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System Audio Stereo Hub,

system audio stereo hub

A flexible input expansion hub for the Silverback 1 active speakers

System Audio at the little audio company,
System Audio Stereo Hub back panel, Stereo Hub connections,

System Audio's Stereo Hub acts as much more than just an input expansion for the Silverback 1 active loudspeakers. It brings with it more inputs, a full control app for choosing how you listen to music, as well as digital room correction.

Firstly, let's look at the inputs.

A suite of digital and analogue inputs will allow the Stereo Hub and Silverback 1s to replace the usual stereo set up of a large bulky amplifier, a pair of speakers, and all associated cabling.

A pair of RCA phono inputs accept an analogue input from any similarly equipped source component such as a CD player, but can also be used for a turntable with an integral phono pre-amplifier. The three optical inputs can accept digital inputs from media boxes such as Sky/Virgin, as well as games consoles. The USB input can accept a music server such as an Innuos, the coaxial input from any digital source such as compact disc players. the 3.5mm jack can be used for other analogue based sources. Finally, the ARC enabled HDMI input can be plugged into your TV's ARC HDMI input, so that anything you watch on TV will have its sound routed to the Hub, which will then be sent wirelessly to the Silverback 1 active speakers. 

As the Stereo Hub talks wirelessly to the Silverbacks, the two don't need to be in close proximity. Your Silverbacks could be wall mounted on one side of the room, and your turntable and Hub could be on the other side. The Hub doesn't even need to be on show, and can be hidden away in a cabinet.

Same with an AV setup. The Hub can sit inside your TV cabinet, connected via HDMI, the signal is then transmitted wirelessly to the Silverbacks sitting on the cabinet or your wall.

a simple Silverback / Stereo Hub setup,

The system could be as simple as the Silverback 1s, the Stereo Hub, and a turntable. the Hub doesn't need to be on display as it is controlled by its app, so all you'd see is something similar to this...

The Stereo Hub brings with it a number of additional source possibilities.


Apple AirPlay2, allowing wireless streaming from Apple products.

Spotify Connect wireless streaming.

Roon Ready, allowing the Silverback 1s to be part of a Roon multi-room system.

Google Chromecast, bringing with it various streaming possibilities as well as Cast.

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless streaming from phones and tablets.

All at anything up to 24bit / 192kHz sound quality.

One major trick up its sleeve is digital room correction. In the SA Cockpit app, you have an option to send white noise to the Silverbacks while walking around your room with your phone, using its microphone to measure your room's response, helping the Silverbacks to sound better in your listening space than how they would without DSP. There's also a manual option to be able to set the EQ curve to your own liking.

This feature is key to obtaining a bass performance from the Silverbacks that defy their size, which would be unobtainable from a pair of passive speakers driven by a separate amplifier in a more conventional system.

  • wireless input hub for Silverback 1 speakers

  • WiSA wireless transmission technology

  • 2-16 channels

  • 1x HDMI ARC input

  • 3x optical digital inputs

  • 1x coaxial digital input

  • 1x 3.5mm analogue jack input

  • 1x pair of analogue RCA inputs

  • 1x USB Type B input

  • remote control

  • SA Cockpit control app

  • digital room correction

  • Roon Ready

  • Spotify Connect streaming

  • Google Chromecast

  • Apple AirPlay 2 streaming

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • DNLA / UPnP streaming

  • H 100mm x W 410mm x D 170mm

  • £399



  • half price Hub with Silverback 1 speakers

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