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eSseCi relaxa 750 isolation platform

eSse-Ci Relaxa 750 isolation platform,

High-end audio finally gets the isolation it deserves. The eSseCi Design Relaxa 750 is the ultimate isolation platform, using magnetic levitation to isolate your audio equipment from the surface it sits on. How can isolation get better than floating on air?

eSseCi Design at the little audio company,

Why has nobody done this before, you ask?

They have. eSseCi Design first produced and patented the design back in 1999, and have been perfecting it ever since.

Concentrated magnets create a separation between the upper and lower section of the Relaxa 750 which fully isolates the equipment placed upon on it from the surface you choose to place it on, regardless of its construction - it could be the most resonant surface in your home, but the Relaxa 750 will ensure that it plays no part in affecting anything placed upon it.

This transforms an IKEA Kallax into a high-end audio rack!

eSseCi Relaxa 750 platform,

The award winning Relaxa 750 will accommodate products, or multiple products, between 3kg and 50kg in weight. And with a surface area of 560mm wide by 460mm deep, it can accommodate virtually any audio component.

An integral spirit level allows you to level the platform by adjusting the magnets.

There's very little else to say about the Relaxa 750, as the listening results speak for themselves! So if you'd like to audition the benefits of this unique piece of isolation kit, do get in touch with us.

eSseCi Relaxa 750 platform,

"...all that I was left with was an impression that this might be the most cost effective upgrade to the performance of a turntable that I can recall hearing. It is not inexpensive, but it works and what's more it works exceptionally well."

Chris Kelly, The Ear

the ear review,
  • magnetic isolation platform

  • tempered glass

  • 3kg-50kg 

  • W 560mm x D 460mm

  • £1495

  •  £849 ex-demo 

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