amphion helium loudspeakers

Founded in 1998, Finland based Amphion are just as well known for their studio monitoring loudspeakers as they are their hi-fi models.


Their design approach concentrates on wide, controlled dispersion via waveguide technology,  and minimizing room effects so you can hear less of your room and more of your music.

The Helium range uses paper mid/bass drivers and titanium HF units.

All models come in a choice of modern and contemporary finishes, as well as nine grille colours.

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amphion helium 410 loudspeakers


The smallest of the Helium series uses a 4.5" paper mid/bass driver and a 1" titanium HF unit.  


Amphion loudspeakers are just at home in a larger rooms as they are smaller ones, avoiding high frequency reflection - the main cause of brightness - by utilising clever waveguide technology to give a far more even dispersion of higher frequencies.

from £650/pair

amphion helium 510 loudspeakers


The Helium 510 uses the same 1" titanium HF unit as the Helium 410, but uses a larger 5.25" mid/bass driver.

This larger mid/bass driver allows the Helium 510 to reach just that little bit deeper, as well as improving midrange presence, for an even more believable performance than its smaller sibling.


from £900/pair

amphion helium 520 loudspeakers


The two-way Helium 520 is a slimline floorstander, topping off the Helium range.

The Helium 520 adds a second 5.25" mid/bass driver, decreasing distortion and driver excursion, increasing output and sensitivity, and improving bass and midrange presence for a more authoritative experience.

from £1900/pair

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