Audio Technica AT-LP5x hifi turntable,
rear panel of the Audio Technica AT-LP5x hifi turntable,

Despite the fully manual Audio Technica AT-LP5x coming complete with a fitted AT-VM95E cartridge as standard, the detachable AT-HS6 headshell conveniently allows a quick and easy swap between two, or many different cartridges, ideal for those with stereo and mono albums for example. This also makes auditioning different cartridges quick and easy.

A rear mounted USB port is provided for archiving vinyl, and RCA phono sockets allow higher quality phono cables to be used.

Direct drive for speed stability and fast start up times.

This feature adds to the simplicity and ease of use of the AT-LP5x turntable.


USB link for vinyl archiving,

audio technica at-lp5x turntable