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avid tonearms

Conrad Mas founded AVIDHIFI in 1995 after developing an obsession to produce the very best turntable possible, without compromise. The ACUTUS turntable started it all, and it is from this no-hold's barred design that AVIDHIFI's range of more affordable turntables have been spawned.

Almost 30 years later, AVIDHIFI now also produce loudspeakers, amplifiers, phono stages, cables, arms, and cartridges to add to their turntable range, in order to offer discerning audiophiles a complete analogue audio system from record to ear, that has had the same design, care, and attention paid to it as their turntables. All of these products are made in-house at their Cambridge factory.

AVIDHIFI at the little audio company,

avid altus

the ALTUS tonearm is ideal for most of AVID's turntables

ALTUS tonearm,

avid nexus

the NEXUS tonearm is ideal for AVID's flagship ACUTUS turntables

NEXUS tonearm,
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