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exposure xm5 amplifier

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The Exposure XM5 uses a large, custom made toroidal transformer, resulting in a powerful, low distortion amplifier with a very low noise floor, capable of a genuine 60wpc into 8ohms, although HiFiWorld measured it at 72wpc in their December 2017 review.


The main board houses the amplifier components, with an independent digital board placed above this (behind the digital inputs on the back of the amplifier).

inside the Exposure XM5 amplifier,
rear panel of the Exposure XM5 amplifier, Exposure XM5 back panel,

The Exposure XM5 amplifier provides three analogue inputs, which includes a high quality MM phono stage and an AV bypass input for incorporation into a home theatre system.

Digitally, there are two optical and two coax BNC digital inputs, plus an asynchronous USB input.

A pair of analogue pre-outputs allow the addition of power amplification or a subwoofer

The inclusion of a high quality DAC for the Exposure XM5 opens up its flexibility and versatility. For this, Exposure have chosen to use the Wolfson WM8742 chipset.

The WM8742 DAC is capable of decoding any digital material up to 24bit/192kHz, as well as native DSD64. The addition of this DAC allows digital inputs - the asynchronous USB input is perfect for the likes of Innuos media servers, and the optical and coaxial digital inputs are ideal for media boxes from the likes of Sky or Virgin, or media streamers like Sonos or Bluesound.

Exposure XM5 amplifier shown in black,
  • 60wpc into 8ohms

  • asynchronous USB input

  • 2x optical digital inputs

  • 2x coaxial BNC digital inputs

  • MM phono input

  • 1x analogue input

  • 1x AV bypass input 

  • H 89mm x W 218mm x D 363mm

  • available in black or silver

  • 3 year warranty

  • £1650

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