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hegel h30a stereo power amplifier,

hegel h30a stereo power amplifier

hegel at the little audio company,

Hegel have always produced visually understated audio products that focus on doing the job they're supposed to do. There's no excessive, intricate casework, no fancy lights or meters, just a simple exterior that houses the real star of the show - the electronics. After all, if the internals aren't doing their job properly, no amount of fancy casework will make up for it!


The H30a represents Hegel's pinnacle of power amplification, packing in their DualAmp, DualPower, and SoundEngine2 technologies into a dual mono constructed chassis, weighting in at just under 50kg.

Hegel H30a power amplifier,

The H30a power amplifier produces in excess of 300wpc into 8ohms, which will basically double as the impedance halves. Given this amplifier is stable down to 1ohm, and offers prodigious output, it is capable of driving absolutely any loudspeaker you care to partner it with, including extremely low impedance panel speakers.


Of course, if you want more, and why wouldn't you, a second H30a can be added and both switched to 'mono mode', essentially tripling the power output, offering 1100wpc each into 8ohms.

The Hegel H30a provides unbalanced analogue RCA inputs as well as balanced XLR inputs covering all outputs offered by quality analogue pre-amplifiers.

Hegel H30a back panel,

The provision of a 12v trigger allows the amplifier to be turned on and off with the H20a pre-amplifier - the ideal partner - Conductor and Orchestra.

DualAmp technology separates out the current gain stage and voltage gain stages that are usually combined in amplifiers, allowing specific circuitry to do a better job, reducing distortion and preserving dynamic range.

DualPower technology supplies the output stage with a different power feed to that of the input and voltage gain stages. Like DualAmp, this gives lower distortion whilst maintaining high dynamic range.

SoundEngine 2 technology preserves the original between stages, where distortion or errors tend to creep in, giving the advantages of Class A and Class AB amplifiers without the negatives, reducing high frequency distortion.

All of the above technology has been developed by Hegel Music Systems to allow their products to stand out from a crowded market place, and win numerous awards worldwide.

  • stereo / mono power amplifier 

  • 300+ wpc into 8ohms 

  • 1100wpc into 8ohm mono mode

  • 1x pair analogue RCA unbalanced inputs

  • 1x pair analogue XLR balanced inputs

  • 1 pair fixed analogue RCA analogue outputs

  • dual 1000Va toroidal transformers

  • 270,000uF capacitor reservoir

  • 12v trigger in/out

  • 47.4kg

  • 2 year warranty

  • £17000

Hegel H30a review by SoundstageHiFi,
Hegel H30a review by HiFi+,
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