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The digital ripping and storage of compact discs used to be an awkward, fussy affair that took a certain amount of PC knowledge to fully master. Innuos changed that. Now you no longer need to know anything about specific PC software programs to store and sort your music. In fact, you don't even need to use a PC at all, as editing can be quickly and easily be done on phones and tablets.

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After plugging the Innuos into your home network and mains, turn it on and it's ready for you to start feeding it CDs - it'll rip them bit for bit onto its hard drive, and grab any necessary artwork and metadata at the same time.

The Sense app allows you to easily edit artist and album data or your own artwork if needed, giving you control to how you want your music presented within the app. It will also allow you to add tags with which to make quick easy searches - all defined by you and the way you search for your music.

Innuos music servers can do their job in a number of ways. Firstly, they can connect directly to your DAC or DAC equipped amplifier / home theatre receiver, and send music digitally - all controlled by their Sense control app.


Alternatively, the server can sit anywhere in your home (as long as it is hardwired to your network), and feed music to any or all of your streaming products around your house that can access the music stored on it. As soon as the server is plugged in and switched on, any streaming product on the same network will be able to see it and join in the fun.

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Innuos' own Sense app allows you to take full control of your music, or multiple Innuos devices from a single control device, such as a phone or tablet. Sense allows you to browse your stored music, or music available from your subscribed streaming services.

All Innuos products give you access to TIDAL and QOBUZ music streaming apps, providing high quality music streaming to augment your digital music collection. TuneIN Radio opens up tens of thousands of worldwide internet radio stations, including many BBC stations.

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An Innuos server can be the basis for a whole-house Bluesound or Sonos based multi-room system, just as easily as it can be used as digital storage for a single hi-fi system. They are very easy to integrate and use, and any technical queries are dealt with efficiently and competently by Innuos themselves - one of the many reasons why the little audio company chose Innuos when we started up.

All Innuos products come with a 2 year warranty, and software updates for improvements are easily performed via the app.

Innuos products are compatible with many different digital audio formats, including MP3, AAC, and ALAC, plus hi-resolution formats such as FLAC, WAV, AIFF, as well as MQA.

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As well as Innuos's own control system, all Innuos products are compatible with the highly informative Roon system - click on the Roon logo to find out more about Roon.

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