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innuos phoenix net network switch,

innuos phoenix net network switch

The Innuos Phoenix NET is an audiophile grade network switch designed to provide the very best possible network switching for streaming components

Innuos at the little audio company,
Innuos Phoenix NET network switch,

Network switches are designed to do the basic job of passing data from one component to another. As long as they provide that service, everything else is irrelevant, which is fine for general use, but can be degrading for the preservation of the audio signal. The Innuos Phoenix NET has been designed to address every single aspect of a network switch, and ensure the signal is preserved throughout its journey.

The Phoenix NET provides the lowest possible noise floor, the best possible network isolation to protect from other potentially noisy devices on the same network, individually shielded network ports, and vibration control where it really matters.

The Phoenix NET uses the same 25MHz OCXO master clock as the Statement server, as well as two Statement-grade linear power supplies with Mundorf caps to power the OCXO clock and the main board independently. 

back panel of the innuos phoenix net,
innuos phoenix net network switch_edited
  • audiophile network switch

  • OCXO master reclocking chip

  • 1x RJ45 ethernet input

  • 3x RJ45 ethernet outputs

  • dual linear power supply

  • 2m ethernet cable supplied

  • W 215mm x H 87mm x D 342mm

  • available in black or silver

  • 3 year warranty

  • £3249

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