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Innuos PULSE Mini music server,

innuos pulse mini music streamer

Innuos at the little audio company,

The Innuos PULSE Mini music streamer is the ideal streaming device for any hi-fi system, such is its flexibility with regards to connectivity. Offering high quality streaming services such as TIDAL and Qobuz as well as Internet radiothe Innuos PULSE Mini will connect to any audio system via its analogue or digital connections, and provides USB connectivity to add music stored on HDD drives.

rear panel of the Innuos Pulse Mini,

The PULSE Mini has four 3.0 USB sockets to add HDD storage, allowing the playback of local files. Dual ethernet connections to daisy chain on to a streamer or streaming amplifier .


The PULSE Mini is the only PULSE streamer to incorporate an onboard DAC, allowing it to be connected to ANY conventional stereo system via RCA phono connections. So as well as adding stored digital music to an older hi-fi system, it adds streaming services from Qobuz and TIDAL, as well as internet radio, bringing any older hi-fi system fully up to date. More streaming services will be added soon.

Optical and a coaxial digital outputs allow the PULSE Mini to be connected directly to any stand alone digital to analogue converter, home theatre receiver, or digitally equipped hi-fi amplifier or all-in-one system for direct audio playback from the PULSE Mini.These connections make the PULSE Mini extremely flexible, and able to be added to ANY audio system.

The PULSE Mini is Roon compatible, allowing it to function as part of a Roon ready system, and uses a Quad Core Intel PCU, with 4GB DDR3 RAM memory for system control and buffering.

The PULSE Mini will cater for resolutions of up to 24bit/768kHz, and DSD512, and will provide the first MQA unfold - the second to be performed by a suitable offboard DAC.

Innuos PULSE Mini music server,
  • Quad Core Intel processor

  • unbalanced RCA outputs

  • optical digital output [24/192]

  • coaxial digital output [24/192]

  • four USB connections [24/768]

  • ethernet network input

  • ethernet streamer output

  • W227mm x H74mm x D160mm 

TIDAL streaming,
Qobuz streaming,
MQA compatible,
  • innuOS editing software

  • Innuos Sense app

  • internet radio

  • TIDAL streaming

  • Qobuz streaming

  • Roon compatibility

  • MQA compatiblity

  • 3 year warranty

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