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kef network loudspeakers

KEF's LS range of network connected loudspeakers incorporate integral amplification, reducing the box count. They are also network connected, providing not only network streaming, but also streaming from popular music apps and AirPlay, and are also Bluetooth and Roon compatible - essentially self contained complete solutions, and using Roon, can all be easily controlled from a single app to play independently throughout your home, or together as one.

KEF LSX II Wireless speakers,

kef lsx loudspeakers

KEF's compact LSX active speakers are ideal as a discrete main or bedroom system, or even to replace budget soundbars.

KEF LS50 Wireless speakers,

kef ls50 wireless 2 loudspeakers

KEF's stunning LS50 goes active, bringing all the sonic benefits of the award winner to the world of active loudspeakers, combining to produce a truly exceptional loudspeaker for all purposes.

KEF LS60 Wireless speakers,

kef ls60 wireless loudspeakers

The LS60 celebrates KEF's 60th anniversary, combining all the technical and convenience benefits of the LS50 Wireless with a Blade driver layout.

associated product
KEF KC62 subwoofer,

kef kc62 subwoofer

Add on subwoofer to extend the bass of the LS range of network loudspeakers, controllable by the KEF app.

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