kef ls50 meta loudspeakers

The original KEF LS50 loudspeaker garnered a plethora of awards and five star reviews, redefining the capabilities of small box loudspeakers. Such high performance from a small box at an attainable price, and their popularity with reviewers and hifi enthusiasts alike, will insure they become a British hifi classic in years to come. On many occasions I've referred to the LS50 as "mini Reference", such is their performance.

The new LS50 will continue this success, and push the boundaries further again, by incorporating KEF's new Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT). This technology has been created by KEF in order to absorb as much sound energy as possible that escapes from the rear of the driver, in order for it to not come back and effect the driver in any way, or add to what you should be hearing. The result is a cleaner presentation with less distortion of the intended sound.

click here for the LS50 Meta white paper

KEF LS50 Meta white

The LS50's UniQ is already a compact work of technological art, the result of decades of development and refinement - the new Metamaterial Absorption Technology greatly furthers its capabilities.

The two-way UniQ array produces a single point-source, removing phase issues between the drivers, producing precise imaging and making them ideal near-field monitors. The mid/bass driver acts as the high frequency's waveguide, controlling HF dispersion throughout 360 degrees, producing an even in-room response, with less need for room treatment. Using multiples in a home theatre system produces a seamless soundfield around the listener.

KEF LS50 Meta loudspeakers in blue
KEF LS50 Meta home theatre pack

The very nature of the UniQ driver lends itself extremely well to home theatre reproduction. The point-source aspect produces a seamless bubble of sound that accurately places sound effects around the listener in a basic 5.1 set up, and can be augmented by KEF's UniQ based in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for fully immersive set ups such as DTS:X and Atmos.

With the help of a subwoofer or two, the LS50 produces one of the most convincing movie reproductions of any compact, bookshelf type loudspeaker in small/medium size listening spaces, treating movie soundtracks just as they treat music.

KEF LS0 Meta titanium
  • 1x 25mm vented aluminium HF unit

  • 1x 5.25" aluminium mid/bass driver

  • two-way ported design

  • 8ohms impedance [3.5ohms minimum]

  • 85dB sensitivity

  • 106dB maximum output

  • 79Hz-28kHz frequency response +/-3dB

  • H 302mm x W 200mm x D 280mm

  • mineral white finish with copper UniQ

  • carbon black finish with copper UniQ

  • titanium grey finish with red UniQ

  • royal blue finish with pale gold UniQ

  • matching colour S2 speaker stands [£399 / pair]

  • £995 / pair

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