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high quality mini-systems at the little audio comany,

compact hi-fi systems

Here, the little audio company puts together some of the best partnerships to create compact, high quality audio systems. Whether you're streaming from a phone or tablet, music stored on your network, or even using a physical source like CD, these systems retain high sound quality rather than diminish it along with their size, and have the ability to convey the inherent quality of hi-res music.

Hi-Fi no longer requires speakers the size of wardrobes, nor does it need a rack of boxes on equipment stands that look like scaffolding in order to enjoy music - well designed compact loudspeakers are extremely capable nowadays, and aren't the tinny, thin sounding boxes that many expect. 

If you'd like to hear what a real high quality mini system can sound like, please do call or email to arrange a listening session, and bring along your own music on the format of your choice.

Call 0121 638 0721 or email to arrange an audition, and hear just how good compact audio components can be.

Bluesound PowerNode II and Ophidian Minimo speakers

Bluesound's PowerNode amplifier is a high efficiency 60wpc amplifier, with numerous onboard streaming services such as Spotify and TIDAL (including MQA Masters titles), and will stream any music already stored on your network. You can stream music directly from phones or tablets via Bluetooth. Two 3.5mm headphone jacks are provided - one to accept either a digital or analogue source, and the other for private headphone listening. A subwoofer output is also present for flexibility.

The Ophidian Minimo speakers are wonders of technology, producing a large soundstage and deep bass for such small cabinets - seen below - about the width of a CD case!

Bluesound PowerNode streaming amplifier and Ophidian Minimo loudspeakers,
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