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kef lsx wireless loudspeakers

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Spotify Connect streaming,
AirPlay2 compatibility,
Bluetooth streaming,
TIDAL streaming,
Roon compatibility,
KEF LSX wireless loudspeakers shown in blue,

form follows function


Packing technology from the original Concept Blade speakers, the KEF LSX wireless loudspeakers are compact bookshelf designs that come in under 10" tall, and are perfect as a compact, self contained hi-fi system with a minimum of cabling.

KEF LSX loudspeakers shown in red, KEF LSX in birmingham,

ideal for any type of use


With AirPlay, Bluetooth, optical and USB digital inputs, and an analogue input, it is possible to connect virtually any source. Connect to a television via an optical cable to enjoy better audio from TV programmes and Smart TV apps like Neflix, or from other sources connected to your TV, like a Sky, Virgin, or Apple TV boxes, games consoles like Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Connect to Apple Macbooks, iPhones, or iPads via AirPlay for vastly improved audio, or Bluetooth for other manufacturer's laptops, phones or tablets. 

Or just keep it simple by streaming high quality music from the inbuilt TIDAL and Spotify apps.

KEF's amazing little LSX draw upon the technology and design of the LS50 Wireless in order to provide a more compact version ideal for smaller rooms or where space for luxuries may be tight. The LSX retain all the benefits of DSP control and wireless audio streaming of their bigger brother, and also add AirPlay too (AirPlay 2 update early next year). 

With Bluetooth and AirPlay, it's simple and easy to send music wirelessly from your phone or tablet, making them a wireless audio solution for those who use music apps or YouTube for music listening.

KEF LSX wireless shown in olive,

Integral TIDAL and Spotify apps provide streaming from the two most popular music streaming apps.

Alternatively, plug in any music source of your choice, analogue or digital with the optical digital input or the 3.5mm jack, or stream from any network stored music and just sit back

 and enjoy the music. Full control via phone or tablet with an 'easy' or 'expert' set up ensures you get the best out of them regardless of where you use them.

The smaller size of the LSX lends them perfectly for desktop listening on PCs and games consoles, high quality wireless speakers for kitchen and bedroom listening, and also to greatly improve sound quality for TVs.

The KEF LS50 Wireless speakers are one of our favourite products at the little audio company, and no doubt the new LSX will be too, so will be permanently available for audition

KEF LSX loudspeakers shown in black,
  • two-way UniQ design

  • 0.75" aluminium HF unit with dedicated 30w amplifier

  • 4" bass/mid driver with dedicated 70w amplifier

  • rear ported cabinet

  • TIDAL streaming

  • Spotify Connect streaming

  • Bluetooth streaming

  • AirPlay streaming

  • Roon compatible

  • 54Hz-28kHz (+/-3dB)

  • H240mm x W155mm x D180mm

  • available in olive, black, and high gloss white finishes

  • 2 year warranty

  •  discontinued 

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