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ken kreisel a50 effects speakers

Where the KS500 produces a diffuse surround effect which is ideal for conventional 5.1/7.1 home theatre systems, effects speakers for Atmos based systems require a more precise dispersion. Enter the A50.

Ken Kreisel Professional Sound,
Ken Kreisel A50 effects speakers,

Producing a convincing Atmos sound system requires more precise imaging from the speakers placed overhead, provided by the compact, direct-firing A50.


Another use for the A50 is as general rear effect or height channels, or for when space is too tight for tripole sound radiation, such as being placed on side walls near to the rear walls.

The A50 shares the drive units used in the KS500, K500, and M150 models, and can also be used as main speakers in a more budget based 5.1 home theatre set up.

  • direct firing effects loudspeaker

  • 1x 27mm HF units

  • 1x 4" midrange unit

  • phase focused crossover

  • 65Hz-30kHz (+/-2dB)

  • 85dB sensitivity

  • 4ohm impedance

  • 20-120w amp recommendation

  • W 142mm x H 236mm x D 160mm

  • 3 year warranty

  • available in piano gloss red, black matte or white matte finishes


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