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larsen 6.2 loudspeakers

The 6.2 are middle of the Larsen range, but still only stand 750mm high, and with a footprint that is smaller than a record sleeve are still able to produce a large, transparent soundstage. Truly a floorstander worth considering for those limited on floorspace or unable to consider imposing loudspeakers.

The Larsen 6 is even more impressive than the Larsen 4 in that it still has the same small footprint - 9" wide by 10" deep -  and less than an inch taller.


A higher quality 177mm mid/bass driver is used for greater performance.

The Larsen 6.2 loudspeakers have scooped the Editor's Choice Award at 'the absolute sound' for 2018 and 2019.

  • 88dB sensitivity

  • 8 ohms

  • H 750mm x W 230mm x D 260mm


Available in black or white lacquer as standard, with custom colours and wood veneers such as Mahogany, Maple, and Cherry

£3490 pair in black or white lacquer or wood veneer

£3880 pair in any RAL colour

Larsen 6.2 loudspeakers,
the absolute sound review,

The Larsen 6.2 present a nice easy 8ohm load for any amplifier, and sensitivity is rated at 88dB, making them ideal for most amplifiers. Despite their small size, their bass response is very well balanced, and extends as far down as 26Hz.

Larsen in red,
Larsen in green,

Do you have a specific colour decor at home? Do you want to continue that theme with your loudspeakers?

After all, they are furniture!

You can choose any colour, however obscure, from the Natural Colour System!

Larsen in turquiose,
Larsen in lilac,

...they can also blend into your existing decor too, contributing towards greater chance of acceptance, and domestic bliss!

So not only do Larsen loudspeakers blend into your room by placing them against the wall...

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