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Perlisten R4b bookshelf loudspeakers,

perlisten R4b loudspeakers

produced using the extensive technology used to create Perlisten's Signature Series, the Reference 4b bookshelf loudspeaker is equally at home producing the subtleties of music as it is the bombastic soundtracks of the biggest blockbuster movies. And that's a very rare quality.

about Perlisten loudspeakers,
Perlisten DPC array,

At the heart of every Perlisten loudspeakers is the DPC array - Directivity Pattern Control, provides controlled dispersion in any type of room, benefitting music and home theatre alike.

As with all Perlisten loudspeakers, the R4b is centred around the DPC array (read more here), comprising of three 26mm soft domes in a vertical array. The centre dome is the HF unit, covering frequencies above 4.4kHz. The output from this unit is controlled on the horizontal plane to reduce dispersion to focus on the listening position, and reducing HF reflection from side walls. Vertically, its output is highly controlled, vastly reducing sound quality killing floor and ceiling reflections, even in highly reflective rooms.

The flanking 26mm midrange domes cover between 1.25kHz and 4.4kHz, producing a more responsive midrange that is more accurate and less coloured by what would conventionally be a much larger driver.

The DPC array sits above a 6.5" bass driver covering from 1.25kHz downwards, acting in a sealed cabinet making them very room friendly and easier to site. 

Ideally designed to be used with a subwoofer, the R4b will cover 80Hz-20kHz within only a +/-1.5dB deviation, and produce a peak output of 107.6dB.

All of this tech helps the R4b achieve a THX Ultra rating, capable of effortlessly filling large rooms with cinema levels of sound quality.

A more detailed spec sheet is available here.

R4b bookshelf,

A pair of luxuriously built and finished dedicated stands are available to compliment the R4b loudspeakers.

R4b with dedicated stands,
  • 3-way , bi-wireable design

  • sealed cabinet, acoustic suspension design

  • THX Ultra rated

  • DPC treble/midrange array

  • 1x 26mm soft dome HF unit

  • 2x 26mm soft dome midrange units

  • 1x 6.5" HPF bass drivers

  • 45Hz-32kHz at 110dB

  • 80Hz-20kHz at +/-1.5dB (THX)

  • 84.6dB sensitivity

  • 107.6dB peak output

  • 4ohms nominal impedance (3.8 minimum)

  • 50-200wpc amp recommendation

  • H 382mm x W 230mm x D 336mm

  • available in piano black

  • £4,000 / pair

  •  £2395 ex-demo 

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