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perlisten R Series loudspeakers

The Reference Series range of loudspeakers from American manufacturer Perlisten are ideal for high-output home theatre or high quality, accurate music reproduction - first THX Dominus loudspeakers in the world.

American design,

perlisten R4b bookshelf

THX Ultra rated bookshelf speaker

perlisten R5m monitor

THX Dominus / Ultra rated monitor speaker

R5m THX monitor loudspeaker,
R4b THX bookshelf speakers,

perlisten R5t tower

THX Dominus rated floorstanding speaker

perlisten R7t tower

THX Dominus rated floorstanding speaker

R5t THX tower speakers,
R7t THX tower speakers,

perlisten R4s surround

compact THX Ultra surround/effects speaker

R4s THX effects speaker,

perlisten R5c centre speaker

THX Dominus rated centre speaker

R5c THX centre speaker,
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