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Silent Angel Bonn N8 ethernet switch,

silent angel bonn N8 audiophile network switch

The Bonn N8 provides 8 ethernet connections, eliminating interference and noise to provide the best possible quality

Silent Angel,
Silent Angel,

The Silent Angel Bonn N8 ethernet switch attempts to provide the best possible ethernet connection for audio and video systems, eliminate noise and interference at every step - most "off-the-shelf" switches are built as cheaply as possible as long as they work, with zero attention paid to providing the best possible switching.

Bonn N8 audiophile ethernet switch,

The Bonn N8 begins with a linear power supply with medical grade power adaptor in order to keep noise at a minimum.

Custom made TCXO module is employed to provide a stable clocking and better performance over a wide temperature range.

  • audiophile network switch

  • 8 ethernet ports

  • TCXO clock

  • linear power supply

  • H 26mm x W 155mm x D 85mm

  • optional F1 linear power supply (£445)

  • £429

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