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bel canto e1x dac / pre-amplifier

Bel Canto e1X DAC/pre-amplifier,
bel canto at the little audio company,
Bel Canto e1X pre-amplifier,

The slimline Bel Canto e1X DAC is first and foremost a high-end DAC, but also incorporates a pre-amplifier and network streamer.

The high quality, wide dynamic range (128dB), and low noise floor of the e1X DAC is facilitated by its HDR-II Core and AMiP technologies. A Pure Class A Differential Analogue Output Stage preserves the original dynamics of a recording.

The front panel is extremely simple. A central display showing input and volume (which can be turned off) The low impedance, high output headphone amplifier provides 4.5Vrms output from its 6.3mm headphone socket, ideal for high-end headphone listening, providing a dynamic range of 112dB.


The dual-function volume control also chooses input - a simple press allows you to cycle through inputs. A remote control is provided for all amplifier functions.

All this is built into a solid aluminium case using constrained layer damping technology (usually seen in loudspeaker cabinet construction) in order to suppress vibration as much as possible.

e1x DAC back panel,

The digital input section of the back panel supports coaxial and optical inputs, as well as balanced AES XLR, and both Type A and Type B USB inputs. An ethernet connection connects to your network for DLNA streaming and SEEK app control.


The analogue section has three analogue RCA inputs - one of these is a dedicated, fully configurable input for the connection of a high quality, MM or MC cartridge equipped turntable. Either of the other two inputs can be configured as an AV Bypass to easily slip into a home theatre system. A pair of RCA analogue outputs support additional amplification, or the addition of a subwoofer or two, which are fully configurable with the onboard digital bass management. The main speakers can be rolled off anywhere between 40Hz-120Hz to allow the subwoofer/subwoofers to fully handle lower frequencies. There's a +/-6dB trim available for these sub channels.


Unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs are provided to incorporate the EX DAC into any hi-fi or home theatre system.


  • 1x Type A USB input 

  • 1x Type B USB input [24/384, MQA, DSD128]

  • 1x ethernet connection [24/192, MQA, DSD64]

  • 1x optical digital input [24/192]

  • 1x coaxial digital input [24/192]

  • 1x balanced AES digital input [24/192]

  • 2x analogue inputs

  • 1x pair analogue RCA outputs

  • MM/MC phono input

  • home theatre bypass

  • 1x pair unbalanced RCA outputs

  • 1x pair balanced XLR outputs

  • high quality headphone section [4.5Vrms output]

  • constrained layer damped aluminium case

  • MQA decoding

  • DSD decoding

  • Roon ready

  • bass management

  • Bel Canto SEEK control app

  • HDR-II [High Dynamic Resolution II]

  • AMiP [Asynchronous Multi Input Processor]

  • SSHA [Single Stage High Current Amplifier]

  • H 89mm x W 451mm x D 394mm

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