Cyrus One Cast amplifier

cyrus one cast amplifier

Alexa control,
Google Assistant compatible,
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Cyrus One Cast amplifier at the little audio company,

The full power of the Cyrus One Cast amplifier is directed to the headphone output when headphones are used, making the Cyrus One Cast an extremely capable, powerful, high voltage headphone amplifier.

It is capable of driving demanding, high impedance, high quality headphones without the need for a stand alone headphone amplifier, which is highly unusual for an amplifier at its modest price point

The new Cyrus One Cast amplifier uses Cyrus' 4th generation Hybrid Class D amplification, originally developed for the powerful all-in-one Lyric. Analogue and digital inputs, an asynchronous USB input, Bluetooth and AirPlay allow the wireless streaming of music from suitable devices

As if the One HD amplifier wasn't good enough already...

The One Cast adds Chromecast, bringing with it numerous music streaming apps and voice control via any existing smart speaker already on your network

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Built in Chromecast opens up a world of on board streaming possibilities. Just connect your One Cast to your home network, and you're ready to access numerous music streaming apps such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify from your phone or tablet. And if you already have a Google Assistant, Apple Siri, or Alexa controlled speaker at home, you can do all this without even pressing a button

The Cyrus One Cast amplifier uses a linear power supply with a large toroidal transformer to supply its 4th generation Hybrid Class D amplification, resulting in a powerful, low distortion amplifier with a very low noise floor, capable of a genuine 100wpc into 6ohms


Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) is a useful feature which first appeared on the all-in-one Cyrus Lyric. On powering up, the amplifier detects the impedance of the connected loudspeakers and adjusts its output response accordingly to match the electrical load of the loudspeakers. This feature ensures you to get the best out of any loudspeakers you choose to pair with the Cyrus One Cast, greatly reducing speaker matching issues

All firmware updates can be performed via your network, no need for USB sticks or connecting to a computer

inside the Cyrus One Cast amplifier,
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The Sabre DAC also ensures the highest possible reproduction of high-resolution music via aptX Bluetooth or AirPlay2 received from phones, tablets, or computers

rear panel of the Cyrus One Cast amplifier,

The Cyrus One Cast amplifier provides one analogue input - which is configurable as an AV Bypass input - as well as a high quality MM phono stage. Digitally, there are optical and coaxial digital inputs, an asynchronous USB input, and an ARC enabled HDMI input. A pair of analogue pre-outputs allow for additional amplification or a subwoofer.

Two Wi-Fi antennas ensure strong wi-fi signal at all times

Cyrus One Cast amplifier,
  • 100wpc (6ohms)

  • 1x asynchronous USB input

  • 1x optical digital input

  • 1x coaxial digital input

  • 1x HDMI input [ARC]

  • 1x pair RCA analogue inputs

  • 1x pair RCA analogue outputs

  • MM phono stage

  • Chromecast built in

  • Alexa compatible

  • Apple Siri compatible

  • Google Assistant compatible

  • aptX Bluetooth streaming

  • AirPlay2 wireless streaming

  • high quality headphone section

  • Speaker Impedance Detector

  • 4th generation hybrid Class D

  • H 85mm x W 220mm x D 390

  •  discontinued 

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