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eggleston works emma evolution loudspeakers

eggleston works emma evolution

The Emma EVOlution is essentially a floorstanding version of the Nico, but with plenty more cabinet volume and an extra bass driver to work with. This makes them suitable for larger rooms and those looking for deeper bass response, and smoother midrange performance.

eggleston works at the little audio company,

The Emma EVOlution is part of the Artisan Series, a range that received a completely redesigned cabinet, port system, and internal bracing, curtesy of the magnificent Viginti model. Along with improved crossover and drivers, elevated the current Artisan range to new heights of sound reproduction.

A metal, three-legged protector for the 1" soft dome tweeter can be removed if preferable, especially if used with the fabric grilles provided.

Two 6" mid/bass drivers aren't 'over-damped' like some higher end loudspeakers, so are able to produce a very responsive, fast, detailed bass response that can rival much more expensive loudspeakers. This gives them a lively, energetic sound that easily holds your attention, but never becomes tiring.

At the rear, a slot port system extends bass response down to 30Hz (anechoic), and avoids the negative issues that can plague conventional circular ports, including allowing them to sit much closer to walls and still produce an even bass response - many loudspeakers around this price point need oodles of space to work well - not so the Emmas.

Another benefit over similarly priced competitors is their nice easy 6ohm (nominal) loading that gives them a much wider compatibility with more amplifiers. 


The Emma isn't an imposing loudspeaker, especially for its price range, being only 7.5" wide, and their gently 'arched' top go quite some way to remove the typical box look of many loudspeakers. 

The carbon fibre rear panel hosts a single set of rhodium binding posts.

Eggleston Works Emma EVOlution,

All Eggleston Works loudspeakers are hand made to order, and can be ordered in any colour you wish, including the front panel, which can be ordered in 'naked' brushed aluminium, or anodised black.

Emma EVOlution loudspeakers,
  • two-way design

  • 1x 1" soft dome tweeter

  • 2x 6" mid/bass drivers

  • 6ohms nominal impedance

  • 88dB sensitivity

  • 30Hz-24kHz response

  • rhodium binding posts

  • any colour you like

  • silver or anodised black front panel

  • W 191mm x H 1092mm x D 406mm

  • £7,900 / pair

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