emotiva xmc-2 home theatre processor

Emotiva's XMC-2 is a fully balanced 16-channel pre-amplifier/processor which is ideal for mid priced and higher end AV systems. Its level of sound quality also ensures high sound quality with music as well as movies, including full stereo and multi-channel DSD decoding. Analogue sources can be set to bypass any digital circuitry.

On the front, a headphone socket allows private listening. An analogue 3.5mm jack and digital USB inputs cater for listening to music via personal music players and USB sticks. Other than the volume control, a small number of buttons provide menu functions, which just leaves the configurable and highly informative front display.

An integral AM/FM radio provides music station listening.

Emotiva XMC-2 remote control,
Emotiva XMC-2 home theatre processor,
Emotiva XMC-2 DIRAC microphone,

dirac live room equalisation

DIRAC Live is one of the world's most advanced room equalisation systems, being used in some of the best home theatre components, as well as in the automotive trade to vastly improve the experience of in-car listening.


As if your own home cinema system wasn't already better than your local Odeon cinema, DIRAC allows you to make the most from any home theatre speaker system you choose, in any room you choose to use it, regardless of its acoustics.

Emotiva XMC-2 DIRAC microphone,
DIRAC room equalisation,

​DIRAC Live is set up with the supplied calibrated microphone, and uses your PC to the number crunching, giving you a full visual display of the results and adjustments. Don't worry though, DIRAC can be as simple or as in-depth as you want it to be, and spending a little time getting to know it can really pay dividends when getting the most from your home theatre system.

click here to read more about DIRAC Live

​The XMC-2 can provide up to three subwoofer channels, all with fully independent level, distance, room correction and EQ settings.

A pair of dual-core Analog Devices DSP engines handle audio decoding and post processing, and digital-to-analogue conversion is provided by AKM AK4490 Verita DACs operating in fully balanced mono mode for the front three channels, and fully balanced stereo mode for the remaining channels. 


With 16 audio channels on board, this gives plenty of options for the current 'object based' surround formats as well as conventional formats.

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4K UltraHD pass through,

The back panel of the XMC-2 will have you covered for anything. Analogue and digital. Balanced and unbalanced. Inputs and outputs. All HDMI inputs and outputs are 2.0b spec and fully HDCP2.2/3D/4K/HDR/DV compliant, and all HDMI sources are passed through untouched with zero processing.

  • 8x HDMI inputs

  • 2x HDMI outputs

  • 3x pairs of analogue RCA inputs, one pair with balanced XLR option

  • 16x balanced XLR outputs

  • 3x optical digital inputs

  • 1x optical digital output

  • 3x coaxial digital inputs

  • 1x coaxial digital output

  • 1x AES/EBU digital input

  • 2x USB digital inputs (Type A and Type B)

  • Zone 2 RCA analogue outputs

  • 3.5mm headphone socket

  • 3.5mm analogue input

  • 4x 12v trigger outputs

  • 1x IR input

  • 1x IR output


HDR compatible,
Dolby Vision compatible,