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Exposure XM9 Monoblock power amplifiers,

exposure xm9 monoblock amplifiers

exposure at the little audio company,

The Exposure XM9 monoblock amplifier essentially uses the components the XM5 integrated uses for both channels, but here they're concentrated into one channel, allowing higher output with more headroom.

Another benefit of monoblock amplifiers is that with the left and right channels being amplified from their own independent amplifier in separate boxes, there can be no channel bleed or interference at this final electronic stage, resulting in a cleaner signal with better stereo separation.

As with all of Exposure's XM components, there's no need for ventilation grids on top of the components, making them ideal for stacking and also for cupboards or other spaces where many similar products would suffer from poor ventilation.

HiFi Choice review of XM7/XM9 combo,
inside the Exposure XM9 monoblock amplifier,
rear panel of the Exposure XM9 monoblock amplifier, exposure xm9 back panel,

The Exposure XM9 monoblock amplifiers provide unbalanced RCA for connection to any pre-amplifier or variable output media device, and balanced XLR for connection to high end hi-fi pre-amplifiers with balanced outputs, which also allows longer interconnect cable runs without negative issues.

Two pairs of speaker outputs facilitate bi-wiring of suitably equipped loudspeakers.

Exposure XM9 monoblock amplifiers shown in silver,
  • 80wpc into 8ohms

  • 1x unbalanced RCA input

  • 1x balanced XLR input

  • 2x pairs loudspeaker outputs for bi-wiring

  • H 89mm x W 218mm x D 363mm

  • available in black or silver

  • 3 year warranty

  • £2100 / pair

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