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hegel h390 integrated amplifier,

hegel h390 integrated amplifier

The Hegel H390 integrated amplifier provides a massive a 250wpc (into 8ohms, 420wpc into 4ohms) an output that can drive many high end loudspeakers with consummate ease.

An ethernet connection provides streaming via Roon and third party apps such as mConnect allowing network streaming of any locally stored music collections as well as music streaming apps such as TIDAL and QOBUZ.

hegel at the little audio company,

The Hegel H390 is not only an extremely capable, high-end amplifier, it is also network connected, allowing a number of additional features. AirPlay2 allows wireless streaming from Apple phones and tablets, and Spotify Connect Premium streaming gives you access to a vast amount of music old and new. The third-party mConnect control UPnP control app also gives access to TIDAL and QOBUZ streaming services, as well as taking care of network streaming, giving you access to any music stored on computers, NAS drives, or music servers such as Innuos.

The H390 DAC is able to decode MQA from any MQA source via any of its digital inputs, giving hi-res playback from TIDAL Masters or MQA downloads.

With a source such as an Innuos media server, the Hegel H390 can act as a complete Roon system, bringing your network stored and subscribed streaming services together in one single control app, along with a wealth of artist and gig information.

Control4 and IP control permits the H390 to be controlled via your network.

Control4 compatible,

The Hegel H390 not only provides two analogue RCA inputs for analogue sources, but also a both variable analogue RCA outputs to connect a power amplifier, and fixed analogue RCA outputs for recording or monitoring purposes. A pair of balanced XLR inputs cater for higher quality, suitably equipped sources.

The analogue inputs can be configured as a home theatre bypass input for integration into home theatre systems.

rear panel of the Hegel H390 integrated amplifier,

The digital section provides a USB, three optical, one coaxial, and one BNC inputs for connecting external digital sources such as a CD player, or media streamers from the likes of Roku or Apple TV, Sky boxes or Bluray players. A BNC digital output can be connected to an external DAC.

These digital inputs decode up to DSD64, with the BNC digital input decoding up to DSD256.

DualAmp technology separates out the current gain stage and voltage gain stages that are usually combined in amplifiers, allowing specific circuitry to do a better job, reducing distortion and preserving dynamic range.

DualPower technology supplies the output stage with a different power feed to that of the input and voltage gain stages. Like DualAmp, this gives lower distortion whilst maintaining high dynamic range.

SoundEngine 2 technology preserves the original between stages, where distortion or errors tend to creep in, giving the advantages of Class A and Class AB amplifiers without the negatives, reducing high frequency distortion.

SynchroDAC technology uses true balanced signal processing to preserve dynamic range and lower distortion, lowering jitter and conversion errors, allowing the most faithful digital to analogue conversion possible.

All of the above technology has been developed by Hegel Music Systems to allow their products to stand out from a crowded market place, and win numerous awards worldwide.

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The H390 is Roon ready, bringing together most of your streaming services into a single informative control app, bringing with it multi-room control for other Roon compatible products on your home network.

Roon compatibility,
Roon compatibility,

This also makes streaming your own stored music easy, when connected to music servers such as Innuos.

inside the Hegel H390 integrated amplifier,
  • 250 wpc into 8ohms (420wpc into 4ohms)

  • 2x pair analogue RCA unbalanced inputs

  • 1x pair analogue XLR balanced inputs

  • 1x BNC digital input (supports up to DSD64)

  • 1x USB digital input (supporting up to DSD256)

  • 1x coaxial digital input (supports up to DSD64)

  • 3x optical digital inputs (supports up to DSD64)

  • 1 pair fixed analogue RCA analogue outputs

  • 1 pair variable RCA analogue outputs

  • 1x BNC digital output

  • MQA decoding via all digital inputs

  • Spotify Connect Premium

  • TIDAL and QOBUZ streaming via mConnect app

  • Apple AirPlay2

  • UPnP network streaming

  • Roon Ready

  • Control4 compatibility

  • IP control

  • 2 year warranty

  • £5250

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