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hegel p30a stereo pre amplifier,

hegel p30a pre-amplifier

hegel at the little audio company,

Hegel have always produced visually understated audio products that focus on doing the job they're supposed to do. There's no excessive, intricate casework, no fancy lights or meters, just a simple exterior that houses the real star of the show - the electronics. The P30a provides the perfect partner to the H30a power amplifier, offering a giant-killing combination.

Hegel P30a pre-amplifier,

The simple, stylish front fascia is home to the power button, input selector, and volume control. A pre-amplifier designed to add nothing needs nothing else.

Being a fully analogue pre-amplifier, the Hegel H30a provides three unbalanced analogue RCA inputs as well as two balanced XLR inputs.

hegel p30a back panel,

As far as outputs are concerned, the Hegel H30a provides two pairs of unbalanced analogue RCA outputs as well as a pair of balanced XLR inputs. A 12v trigger offers power control for the H30a.

DualAmp technology separates out the current gain stage and voltage gain stages that are usually combined in amplifiers, allowing specific circuitry to do a better job, reducing distortion and preserving dynamic range.

DualPower technology supplies the output stage with a different power feed to that of the input and voltage gain stages. Like DualAmp, this gives lower distortion whilst maintaining high dynamic range.

SoundEngine 2 technology preserves the original between stages, where distortion or errors tend to creep in, giving the advantages of Class A and Class AB amplifiers without the negatives, reducing high frequency distortion.

All of the above technology has been developed by Hegel Music Systems to allow their products to stand out from a crowded market place, and win numerous awards worldwide.

  • fully analogue pre-amplifier 

  • 3x pairs analogue RCA unbalanced inputs

  • 1x pair analogue RCA input (home theatre bypass)

  • 2x pairs analogue XLR balanced inputs

  • 2 pairs analogue RCA analogue outputs

  • 1x pair analogue balanced outputs

  • remote control

  • 0.005% distortion

  • >130dB SNR in balanced mode

  • 12v trigger in/out

  • 7.2kg

  • 2 year warranty

  • £7000

Hegel H30a review by SoundstageHiFi,
Hegel P30a review by HiFi+,
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